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Marriage: Why today’s generation may feel imprisoned after wedding


Marriage is a kind of lock which confine you to live your entire life with a single person

In India, we believe marriage is a sacred bond between two souls. Elders actually see marriage the same way but today’s youth? I don’t think so. Today’s youth (not all) have started taking relationships for granted. They fall for an attractive personality of the opposite gender and don’t shy from ditching their partners whenever they feel like. I’m talking about both boys and girls here. Look I’m not saying that every youngster thinks the way I have written but, this is the case with many.


Let’s start with a kid who is in 10th standard and falls for a girl. He goes after her until she accepts his proposal and enters in the world of relationships. Hey, come on guys, kids (as young as in 8th grade) are doing this shit nowadays and I’m not interested in writing fiction here. They do all kind of couple things together for 2-3 years and after 12th (even before for many) they break up. Ask me why? mainly because of getting admitted to different colleges. When the first relationship is broken, both boy and the girl feels heartbroken but with time they get used to it.

There should be a trial of every relationship before parting away

Most of the population comes in their first relationship in college time but its changing now (I have written the scope in last para, LOL). Not sure about the girls, but boys do chase every second girl to get into a relationship (or something like that). Moving back our guy, in the college, the guy falls for someone according to his taste and somehow (I don’t know this secret that’s why I’m single) manages to engage (engagement wala engage nahi bhai, Mingle) in a relationship.

On the other hand, the girl (apne hero ki purani GF) also gets an offer from a boy in her college, she also engages in a relationship. One must also note the fact that there are quite a lot of youngsters who ditch their partners for someone else or because they find it unexciting anymore. Couple fight over non-sense things and part their ways, they don’t feel good, they break up among other shit. This way, youth are jumping from one relationship to another and in due course of time, they start taking it for granted.


Don’t lie to him/her or dig your grave beforehand

After few years when the time comes, and people like these (jumpers) gets to marry someone (most of the time it is an arranged marriage because of family choices), they feel like trapped. Yes, it feels that bad because now you cannot just jump away if you don’t like her way of speaking, his irritating behaviour or anything that doesn’t sparkle on your taste buds. Oh wait, you have to go through a lot of trouble while filing for divorce (why I’m sounding like a Jodi breaker, heh-heh-heh-heh).

Things can turn sour if you are male, anything can come into your path. Women’s rights, you know what I’m speaking about. For females, it’s kind of kalank (stigma), laanchhan, biradari me thu-thu etc, as they say in our language. DOn’t fall for these shit please guys.

Dear Girls, please do not lodge fake FIRs against your husband and in-laws for Dowry and all. You ave to compromise o certain things and have to adjust according to the situations. Or its better to clearly speak out your needs before marriage. Two families are connected to you, don’t let them down.

Dear Boys, please don’t ask dowry from your to-be in-laws. It is very bad, you should be capable of earning your own roti, kapda, and makaan (Food, Cloth, and House). Respect your wife, she is a human just like you not a toy to play with. Nowadays, girls are capable earners too they can bring more than you would ever think.

If you cannot pay respect to your better half, it’s better to stay single

See, I’m not trying to tell that it is a sin to sleep with others before marriage, let me be clear of this fact. Please use protection while indulging in sexual activities as you can get infected with Sexually Transmitting Diseases (STDs) which will certainly bring havoc in your already f***ed up life. You can do whatever you want until and unless you are not hurting someone and mingling with the laws. Disclaimers are done.


In my personal opinion, all you can do is to get accustomed to your better half. Start with clear discussions of what you want from then one you are going to get married. It will be a great idea to hang out more often and understand each other before your wedding cake is cut. After all, all you need is cooperation and mutual understanding to live your life with the same person.

Do this

To make your life lively again, you have to travel and engage in long conversations after keeping your EGOs under your feet. Have dinner dates even when your kid is in 6th grade, because this little thing won’t burn your pocket and will help you sustain your marriage. If you do not like certain habits of your life partner, talk to them, speak what can be done, tell them how you have changed for them to make him/her feel good. Wait, you have to do this in the most relaxed way possible without any hint of EGO or Anger. Things don’t always remain bad, it’s all up to you to make them right.

BONUS: Dear Girls and Boys. Please do not make your wedding a business deal. Make sure the minimum and required amount of money is spent in your wedding ceremony. Okay, I understand that your father (Girl’s) has accumulated a lot of money by taking bribes or by doing too much hard work and there are also chances that your father has taken loans to do all the wedding stuff. Why? To show off…!!

If you are having too much to waste on showing of shit… give me some, I’ll promote my blog for good.

Also, do not forget to end your habit of jumping because it can land you up in grave trouble after you get your marriage certificate. Sadak par hi joote khaoge…

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