Here’s why Fake Friends are important in Life

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Real Friends are there to make your life beautiful and a bit easy but fake friends?

Why I said so? You might be feeling a bit of weidness in this statement but you read that right, I literally said fake friends are really an important part of your life. I’m nor intoxicated, I’m in full ‘HOSH’.

First of all, fake friends help us realize the value of true friends in our life. It is basic human psychology that we don’t value something until it is taken away from us or lost. This is the time when we miss it and feel the void created by the absense of that thing which we took for granted.

friends- the wisdom thought

We have at least one or two best friends when we leave school. And believe me (you might also know that), friends who remain in contact without any hidden agenda are our true friends. During school days, very few are fake because at that young age, most of us were innocent (minus those bullies). Even at that time if someone was fake, you’d not realise until you’ve learnt more about life and relationships in your college days.

A you grow up, you start understanding the difference in true and fake friendship either by listening to the stories of others or going through tough times in life. Within no time, you would learn who is a true human or who is hiding behind a made-up personality. All you need to do is spend some quality time with every friends of yours.

“Growing up means realizing a lot of your friends aren’t really your friends.” – by someone

As human nature, we tend to have some sort of ego and this ego is the reason why people suck at the relationships and even friendships for that matter. As you loose a true friend or friends because of your ego, you’ll not realise the loss immediately because fake friends won’t leave you untill their agenda is fulfilled. With the passage of time, the fake friends start to walk out of your life either they are not getting what they wanted or they got the jackpot. Once they stop talking to you, they will start talking about you. Get that.

Now your eyes will open, you’ll feel the loneliness in your already f***ed up life. Yeah, exactly like they show in the movies. The fake bazookas are only good for partying and showing off, rest goes into the garbage once you turn your back. For you too feel connected in real, you need to have true friends.

If someone with ‘friend’ tag is offering you something and that too with a big smile, beware, he might be looking out for something your you. Before settling down they try to make you feel helped at certain point in life when you are vulnerable. If you fall for the trap, you are bound to give him what he wants. And as usual, he gets and he walks away. These wanting and giving ‘items’ are not some materialistic things, these can be feelings, mental connection, some secrets or anything that can be exploited.

“Fake friends are like shadows. They follow you in the sun but leave you in the dark.” – by someone

Fake friends tend to share everything about their life with you within few days of meeting. They do this because they wanted to release their pressure. Some times this is done to show that they can be trusted as the information shared feels like a deep secret shared only with you. After this, you start speaking and release your mental pressure. Remember, you could be sharing some secrect information or your weakness or something which can again be exploited against you. After all that guy came to you for something he wanted and he got it.

People know it very well how to release their stress by speaking to someone which can be used as dustbin. They end up making temporary friends to vent their heads. Bad things happen to everybody and people do different things to release the stress like medidation, sports, exercise, playing video games or cry hard. So you can spot one if he/she always talks problem of his/her life everytime they meet you. They also won’t listen to you as you are kind of a dumpyard. They will not care whether you are mentally strong enough for absorbing all their shit or not.

From the above paragraph, I (my personal experience) realised that I was a fake friend to a few guys during the college time. I’m not writing this to tell you that I’m a some wise old man or something. No, I’m just like you, an average Indian and I admit that I was wrong to some friends of mine. You know what? I changed my habbit, and it wasn’t that hard. Now, I don’t speak shit with my friends, I talk with them to have fun and help lift their mood if they are sad, obviously.

Ending Phrase

Finally I would like tell you that you must have fake friends by the college time as this will teach you how to handle or avoid fake people. Otherwise, you’ll find it difficult to realise the value of a true friend. Fake people also help you learn how you can pick out the gem of a person from te crowd. They will also make you understand few things like what kind of person is good for you, how to take descisions in life for you or your career and all that stuff. Having a fake friend is thus fruitful, only if you are intelligent enough to take life lessons.

This one I found perfect for a fake friend – “Fake friends are around when they think you’re cool. True friends are around even when they think you’re fool.”

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