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Were you just searching for true love Shayari? Take out some time and learn what makes a true love story

This is Innominate writer guys. From last few days, I have been thinking what exactly true love means? Is it just living together like our parents are doing successfully for decades? Or there is something more to it. Before proceeding, I would like to say that this article is written based on the society of India where almost all the marriages are arranged and most of them work for a long time. I mean till death separates them apart.


You have heard people saying now and then, that love is blind, it is selfless, and makes you feel the pain of others. When it is true love, yeah I think it is that one bond which no one can explain. It just happens to anyone. You have seen people who don’t look good together but live a happy life often more than those who look good together. True love doesn’t demand anything from the one you love neither it wants any changes to settle. Here are some pointers which can clear my opinion on true love.

Before finding love, learn to love yourself

If you cannot love yourself then there is no chance that you can love another human being. I know you are thinking that you’ll easily love another person even if you don’t love yourself but you are wrong. It is just lust in you which is pushing you for someone to have sex with. You cannot truly love that person once your hormone level settles down. The first thing to do before finding true love is to love yourself and not searching for true love quotes.

True Love is Natural, don’t force it

If you are into a lot of movies and TV series, you might be willing to fall in love. Because they just show it in such a beautiful way to completely grab your attention. Not to forget their idea of love is either fake or exaggerated. In most parts, it exaggerated to such a point that it starts feeling fake and people with some logical mind lose interest in that particular content.


In real life, you’ll never know when you’ll fall in love and with whom. Consider this, you are after a beautiful girl in your college for the last 3 years without success. But when you lose all hope and stop trying to find love, you might bump into your soulmate which doesn’t have to be beautiful. It can be just an average looking girl or a nerd guy about whom you never thought of spending your life with.

True love can never be demanding

Like I said before, true love is not demanding it doesn’t want you to change. If a couple is in love with each other they won’t demand anything extra. I mean to say that no person in true love would say their partner to change their style, getup or any other thing about his/her personality. They are already in love they are perfect in their own sense. If your partner is asking you to change this or change that about yourself, think again. Changes required in hygiene is another story.

Never try to be like your partner

You are an individual you have your personal thoughts, favourite music, favourite movie/book genre. Don’t try to find an image of yourself in your partner. He/she likes something else, it’s okay, you don’t have to force yourself to watch his/her tv shows or read books they like to read. Your personal hobbies and interests will always make you an attractive personality. They are two reasons why the same kind of personalities cannot have a long-lasting relationship. First, there will be nothing to explore in one another and second, you’ll hate yourself more.

Be honest and listen to your soulmate

If you are truly in love with your partner two important things are needed, one, always be honest with them. Never lie to them or hide things which when revealed can harm your relationship. Second, listen to your partner. There are a lot of things that cannot be fulfilled in a relationship but if you listen to your partner, it is more than enough to make them feel comforted and cared about. Never ever in your life overreact or punish your partner if he/she is speaking the truth. Because if you do that, that’ll be the last time you’ll be hearing the truth.


Don’t be afraid to try something new

With time, excitement about the relationship fades away. It is normal with everyone and a lot of things are taken for granted in between the couples. Keeping that lively flame alive always try new things now then. Plan a surprise visit to a new restaurant, try new cuisine, visit new places or even make love in new ways. Doing these things always invigorate a relationship. Please try not to include intoxicating chemicals. A hard no-no.

Respect partner’s boundaries

Two bodies one soul is a very good concept but tell me how much do you care about your say fingers, legs, hands or other body parts. Not much, right? That’s why we should let our true love to be a separate human being. Don’t expect them to act the way you do or the way you speak. Let them have their own individuality as it keeps some gap to cross and doesn’t let you lose interest in them.

Physical affection is a must

Did I ever mention that physical affection is not a sign of true love? Damn it is. Without physical affection, you tend to lose your partner. Some people think that showing physical affection falls under the category of lust. Try to understand that’s not the case. Physical affection and sexuality is a big part in making a relationship robust. Lack of physical affection weakens the bond between couples which makes both the partners to keep distance and also feel less satisfied. Touch is a single most important factor to strengthen the spark between you and your partner.


True Love seeks Understanding from both ends

Misunderstanding is a common thing which breaks countless relationships around the globe. This happens because people are bound by their little brains and tall ego. There are many things your partner would say but you’ll misunderstand it. What would save both of you your relationship is when you see things from your partner’s perspective and get the things right. And yeah, if you did any mistake, accept it, apologise and understand their disappointment. Never overreact to anything.

No control or dominance over your partner

A healthy relationship lasts when no one in it tries to dominate or manipulate your true love. Both of them are required to be equally responsible for the decisions. If you threaten your partner, nothing will last as they will react to it. Later you are manipulated into something you never wanted and you’re not going to like it because you’re being played to. Screaming, forcing, yelling at your loved one only turns matter worse. Overall, these things are kids’ weapons, not adults’. Finally, I would say, have your intelligence rule you rather than the ego.

True love is committed without fear or jealousy

True love resides when you are committed to each other. When you now that your partner will always come back to you no matter what the situation is. If you feel jealous when your sweetheart is hanging out with friends or has some friends of the opposite gender, then you are only growing your insecurity. This will make you question them and everything you worked to come this far will destroy.


Let your lover be free because if you don’t, they’ll try to run away from you. That’s the rule of the universe. Being protective is a good bit but there is a fine line between protectiveness and possessiveness. And once you cross it, it makes the relationship toxic. True love stories can be made in real life but it requires a lot of perception and intelligence.

Compromises are a must on both sides

Yeah, I said true love doesn’t any changes but about your real-life habits? If one person doesn’t like other one picking his/her nose, not keeping up with the hygiene levels of another one, or belch or fart without looking at the scene then one might find himself in a lot of trouble. If one person does 100% compromises then one has to be dominating only then it’s possible. So, it is wise to talk things out make a list and both you do compromise on 50%-50% ratio. This will make you both equally compromised and none of you will feel low or embarrassed. Even Thanos told about the importance of balance at least respect that guy.

What Innominate Writer says about True Love?

I’m no expert in these things, I just love to read about them and try to impart what I have learnt. Do you know what a famous author, Gary Chapman says about true love? He has written in his book that there are five main ways through which people give and receive love. And those five ways are – Words you speak to them, your Acts of Service, Giving Gifts, Spending Time Together, and last but not the least, Touch. Don’t forget these things, they are important for your soulmate. Not just those ridiculous soulmate quotes.

True love makes you feel good but people confuse their sexual relationships to be true love and get cheated too. Love is said to be the highest emotional frequency. It is opposite to that of fear emotion which vibrates very slow. Other emotions which are associated with fear is greed, jealousy, possessiveness, and hatred. All these negations emotions are the building blocks for the failure of a relationship. Avoid these hurdles to live happily with your true love.

Stop searching for true love status for show-off instead, start loving partner with your whole heart.

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