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Here are some Types of relationships you can find around you


There are many types of relationships available in the market today. The deciding factor is your level of compromise, ego, and hormones

You know, there are three things that can happen in a relationship. One, if you are desperate and just got an approval stamp on your proposal, you are most probably going to become a servant/slave to the one you are desperate for. Second, if you entered in a relationship under mutual understanding, you will have to let go some of your habits which don’t appeal to your (what should I write here? Better half? it is used for calling out your spouse I think) girlfriend/boyfriend. The third one is, you both just got attracted by physical forms and charm and got ended up a bitter relationship due to your ego. So guys let’s talk upon this topic today of the types of relationships.

First of all, I’m going to use word ‘lover’ here, as I don’t want to write boyfriend/girlfriend all the time. If you feel offended, please comment down the word you want to see in place of ‘lover’. Even I don’t like this word, it feels like I’m writing a news article in which psychopath killed his/her ‘lover’ or something. LOL!

Types of Relationships – Desperate dating

In this case, like I said above, you ended up in a relationship in a deseperate way. You had a crush on someone and you went for that person long enough to irritate them or somehow impress them (that’s a far cry anyway). You propose her and manages to come in a relationship. I’m talking about this from a boy’s side as girls don’t do this kind of shit. See, after this you are so desperate that you loose you self esteem and awareness and just want to perform all the things to impress her even more. Because all you want to do is show off her to your friends or just want to sleep (I wanted to use other strong words here but it won’t be a polite thing to do, heh heh heh heh…) with her.

This kind of relationships are seen in the colleges fueled by relationship quotes. Because you know, high level of hormones in your blood stream makes you do these kind of shitty things. One more view point is you just want to come in a relationship to satisfy your ego. What exactly I want of say is you are doomed, and you are not going to be happy in such a relationship. As in most of the cases the person who approved your relationship after keeping you on his/her tail for quite a time, has plans to use you for their personal and professinal gains. And, this won’t last long because a time will come when you are completely fed up and want to part away.

Types of Relationships – Those built on phycisal and monetary factors

Moving on to the lastest trends in relationships – the relationship quotes based and relationship goals types. Nowadays, the relationships or weddings for that matter are built over the factors involving phycial human form of both male and female, means they should ‘LOOK’ good together. Before that, the MALE should be earning a great deal of money to start the talks. FEMALE on the other hand, should look like a Bollywood actress. With this everyone’s demands are satisfied. The girl and the boy must hide their true self to get the party going. Even if you are suffering from a desease, just don’t tell it, show your MONEY and you are good to go. You need a lot of ‘Chamak Dhamak’ for these kind of weddings.

The bitter truth is girls are subconsiously (not their fault) attracted to the men who earn quite a deal and holds a position. This helps in show off to her friends whose husbands might not be earning that much. It also define a man’s ability to keep his wife and children in a good environment and also fulfil their needs. However, the man’s need to have a physically attractive partner so that he feels a kind of victory and success. Also, he can show his friends his prized possesion (again show off).

Nevertheless, these kind of relationship are fulfiled by those who are needy and are not ready to compromise on certain things that make up their priorities. The main objective of this relationship is to show others their ‘living standards’ and ‘afluency’. Not to forget ‘apni Chaud bhi dikhani hoti hai na.’

Ego kills relationships built on materialistic factors

The main villain in the stories of these relationships is the Ego. As you all are aware of the fact that affluent people are fact that most higher class people are full of egoistic shit, these relationship don’t go far and end up broken within few years to the early stages of oldage. Bitterness grows with time when the real face of your better half is uncovered. You live a stressful and loveless life even though you have great deal of money at your disposal. Are you are one who would live a life like this? Most of you will certainly say yes because your main priority is the money here and not the person in question.


And you are not wrong as money is needed for your satisfaction. Today is the world for these kind of relationships and it just work fine in today’s society. At least you’ve got something to brag about in front of your relatives. But what people forget is the real nature of that person behind the mask he or she is wearing in front of the world. Real relationships are built on the core nature of a person not what they are from outside. For me, it’s not better to cry in a Mercedes than to be happy in a Maruti.

Types of Relationships – Mutually understanding relationships

The best thing you can get in your life is an understanding life partner. One who would know what you want and when you want a particular thing, the one who cares for YOU and not your money (money is out of question here) or body (still you cannot go obese please). One who live by a code created mutually before or after entering in the relationship. See, these type of relationships are seen by those who are INTELLIGENT and those who can THINK. People like these have the intellect to foresee the consequnses of stupidity and foolishness while finalising their life partners.


I say these guys are not fools. They don’t succumb to their outragious needs and insatiable hunger for materialistic things. Be underatanding like these guys, and you’ll live happier. Happiness is your state of mind and not the outcome of certain consequences.


Here, both girl and the boy reveal everything about thier personality and life habits. Not onlt this will have bullet proof trust between the couple but it will also allow the boy and the girl to understand the nature of each other and adjust themselves accordingly. Here, the intelligent people don’t allow their EGO to stand in between and compromise on some of their habits. When someone changes his/her habits, it increases their respect in their life partner’s eyes. And, it is the respect and understanding which moves the relationship with the force of an unbreakable bond. Hence, this is the best one of all types of relationships.

Bonus – Relationships in Bollywood movies

Last but not the least, the relationships shown in the Bollywood movies. The perfect relationship examples are shown in the Bollywood movies. I remember a movie in which the Male lead falls for the beautiful Female lead in a train and start tailing her. Both the male and female lead are in their early twenties. Also they both never fell for anyone and are pure at heart and soul, seriously? LOL. Remember they are in their early twenties and never lived in a relationship (Imagine Thanos saying ‘Impossible’). Most important fact was that the GIRL was SINGLE. Whoa, I never found a SINGLE girl in last two decades and the Hero just found one on a train!


Today you won’t find a single girl in first year of college. Wait, it has to go other side, the hero was single too. With perfect (Hercules level) body and charm he was so cool and good at heart without any ego. How can this be even possible in real life. I never saw a boy with lean muscular boy to be good that heart. They are all kind of hunters God damnnn. You know what I mean, he he he he.

Hero, Heroine, and Villian, beautiful set up! Remember villian is always wrong even if he truly loves the heroine

Later something happens and the heroine too falls for the hero. She thinks he is the only one to love her and comes into in an ideal relationship with him. Without telling the audience much, both the love birds are magically compatible and understanding. Whatever one do, the other agrees on it. They have some kind of telepathic bond and can know what their LOVE wants. Shit, I don’t wanna talk more about it. It’s fake, you must not watch anything like this which take you in a fairy tale dream. Movies like this gives false hopes and when these hopes break you feel miserable and doomed.

Final Words

Hey there! readers, my friends, please stop looking for the materialistic things while deciding to live your life with a person. Money brings happiness when if goes away, I mean when you spend it but a correct person brings happiness and content when they are with you. There is a big difference between what you WANT and what you actually NEED. Look for the needs thats your intelligence. They say ‘NEVER STOP LOOKING UP’ but they never say ‘STOP LOOKING FOR WHAT YOU DON’T NEED’.

Money is not the solution its s way to survive, a good and understanding human being is what you need in your difficult times. Search for that special one and be practical, don’t look out for some body from your favorite movies. They are all fake.

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