Why having sex before marriage is a bad idea, logical explanation


Sex is a pleasing experience and people consider sex before marriage with multiple partners, Cool.

Hey there guys! this is Innominate writer and today I’ll talk about why having sex before marriage is not a good idea. Oh wait, please don’t throw stones at me already I want to talk about it a bit and try to understand why you shouldn’t do it. I know every one of you has the right to do whatever you want unless you are hurting others. So, this article is for information about why one should avoid sex before marriage. Wait let’s put it this way. Why one should avoid having multiple sex partners?

Disclaimer: This article is just my personal opinion and I do not intend to hurt anyone’s feelings. Through this article, I’m not stopping or criticising anyone who are involving in sexual relationships before marriage as I know its not a big deal for anyone to have sex with anyone in their life.


In today’s time, every second person is involved in sexual relationships before marriage. Because it is pleasuring and satisfying. On top of that people are opening up with their sexuality. Let’s not get too far in the past when sex before marriage was a big deal in Indian society. However, the same cannot be told about the parents but youngsters are completely okay with it.

Having sex before marriage is common nowadays, but your body needs attention too

Coming to the sex part, it is actually an emotion which is conveyed physically to show the love to the other sex. It makes a relationship complete and stronger. If young couples are not sexually satisfied, their relationship weakens and the sense of communication breaks apart. This gives rise to quarrels and unwanted ego situations. This might not be completely true for couples who are more into platonic love.

As I said earlier, sex makes a relationship complete. Leaving apart the playboys and playgirls whose hobbies are to have sex with as many people as possible before or after marriage, sex happens when two souls are completely into each other. Even in the movies, novels as well as TV series, a couple usually have sex only after they are in love with each other. The hormones released during orgasm causes mental attachment with the person who is in front of your eyes (mostly for normal people).


About a decade ago, let’s make it two, only a small percentage of the population had sex before their marriages and hence their first sexual encounter happened after marriage. As time advanced, more youngster move out for higher studies and job, their chances of finding a partner increased and young people are now more experienced than someone who is elder to them and never had that experience before their marriage. You know, I’m about to be 30and do not have any sexual experience while my colleagues and some friends who are 23-24 years old are more experienced in this field. Therefore, who never had any sexual experience have nothing to miss later in life when compared to people who slept with multiple partners.

Your body gets confused when you sleep with more than one partner

Tell me one thing, when you get something, anything for that matter. What will be your expectation the next time you are about to get something similar? Obviously you want that something of better standard or higher quality or a more upmarket/expensive variant of the same. Right? Yeah, that’s what I want to tell you guys here. You’re gonna miss that previous body you had sex with. You’ll have a lot of expectations from your spouse. And if by any chance you don’t get enough pleasure you’ll not find satisfaction in having sex with this new person. It will be like that of a duty to fulfil and not for pleasure and satisfaction.


Your body will definitely miss the touch of your old partner, most of the time this is not in the conscious level but in your subconscious mind. You will tend to compare the two experiences and wan to settle down for the more pleasurable more. This missing in the special touch of your old partner will give rise to the mental and physical differences in the couple.

This is it, this is the main reason people say to avoid sexual relationships before marriage. No god has time to judge your discussion in your life. Your life is your own, it’s you who have to make the decisions. All the old people or religious texts want to keep the relationships healthy and last longer.

Nothing against any religion, but religion explains everything only by talking about taboo and sins

Today, everyone says to live life according to your own terms. But no one says to use your brains. If you are still here, tell me to tell you one more grave consequences of having sex with an unknown person and that is sexually transmitted diseases. People are still stupid enough to not to use protection while having sex despite targetted awareness from social media and other means.


See, I’m not writing to get pelted by stones and eggs, so I would like to say that there are some benefits of having sex before marriage. One of them is that you get to know the sexual preferences of your partner or whole gender in general. You get to learn about the ways to please your partner and can use the secrets of sex to unleash earth-shattering orgasms to your partner. But still, I would say to stick to a single person even if you are planning to do it before marriage.

I accept the fact that there are some sexual problems one might hide until after the wedding. Nut there is no problem that cannot be solved with today’s medical prowess. So, don’t just fall for someone who can please you physically as sex no matter how important it is, will fade out within the first decade of married life.

The Study

To put a bit of weight into my talks, I would like to tell you about a test which involved about 2035 married couples. In the test, an assessment was given to all the couples and according to the study it was found that people who did not have sex before marriage experienced about 15% better sexual quality than who had premarital sex. Also, the relationship stability was higher at 22% and the satisfaction rate of the relationship was 20% more. I told already told you.

You know, people connect freedom with everything shitty and sex before marriage is included in the list. Whereas being free means to have a healthy mind filled with wise thoughts. Don’t just flow with the thoughts of others, do some research and read articles such as this before taking big decisions in your life. There are many things you cannot change once they happen.

This is all I have to say about having sex before marriage. See, to be honest, I haven’t talked about taboo or sin crap but given a logical answer. If you think sex gives immense pleasure, try meditating. You’ll get a permanent sense of pleasure and joy when you continue to meditate every day.

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