Tired of Fake Friendship? Here’s what you must know about fake people


People do not demand but always fall in a fake friendship

Hey there guys, Innominate Writer once again. Today I’ll be talking about fake friendship that you guys might be dealing with. Previous to this article, I published a blog about why fake friends are important in Life. I expect you to read that one too as it might open up your mind a bit and you can act in the best possible way to start using your fake friends for your own good. Strategic, right?

That said, I would like to say that fake friends are Dumb*** idiots who think they can achieve anything from their poor friends. But our agenda is to play with them in their own game. Moving on to the signs of fake friendship, there are various ways you can identify the symptoms of fake friendship. Here we go…

A Friendship based on conditions is a fake one

This one is very easy to spot. There are people how wants to create a unique gang of their own. If you want to be their friend, you have to compromise on a lot of things. In a conditional friendship, your friend would want you to fulfil his/her requirement such as you must be rich, a certain dress code which you might not like, have some cool greetings actions or some other superficial makeover. This way they don’t want to feel ashamed in front of their other friends.


You can see this nowadays, boys need top-of-the-line beautiful girls to flirt with and girls attracted to boys who belong to wealthy families. These are just regular conditions people put forward in schools and colleges. They won’t try to understand if a person is mentally compatible or not. Just show off things, I would say.

A friendship which is to be hidden

Have you ever felt that your ‘best friend’ doesn’t talk to you much in front of his other friends? Not that he/she is not good with you when alone. Your friend tries to avoid you at any cost or he acts as if you are just a regular guy speaking to him. Yeah, that’s something I call a fake friendship.

That fake person actually is ashamed of being your friend in front of others. People might speak ill about you so he/she doesn’t want to get included in that league. Another reason could be that he behaves in a different manner that is not known to other friends. He is afraid to accept you as a real friend because you may not be his/her types. So put a rock on your heart and walk away from this kind of friendship.


This problem happened to me. I used to like a girl in college, we chatted when we were alone (like in cafeteria). But I observed that she avoided any kind of contact with me in front of a particular group of my class. Later, I came to know that one guy from that group is flirting with her and he and his friends mocked me in front of her. I felt bad but walked away.

In a fake friendship, your friend mocks you behind your back

Tell me one thing, when did you mock someone you genuinely care, behind his back? If you are a good human being, you’d never do it. You will sing their praises as you want others to feel good about them and respect them. So, if you hear someone say anything poor about you, start making some distance with them. People who mock you and try to put themselves on higher ground, they are fake. They made you their friend only to spread rumours about you. One more thing, never tell them your secrets, or you are f****d.


You fake friend will leave you if someone more interesting shows up

How many times your friend cancelled plans with you? If it’s frequent, then write it in your diary that he/she is getting someone more interesting to hang out with. Or they like them more than you. Thus, people like these won’t ever mind breaking your heart or disappoint you (as a breaking heart is too much here). They don’t have any respect for your time, plans or whatever. You are just trapped in a fake friendship.

Just say No, and your fake friendship will blow its cover

Real friends will always understand when you say no to something, whether it is just hanging out, party plans, movie night or whatever. Real friends won’t reject you in their future plans but fake friends will not include you if you said no just once as it hits their ego. ‘How can you say no to me?’ kind of attitude, you know what I mean. In a fake friendship, there is no compromises made from the fake one. People with brains understand that friendship requires compromises.

One disagreement and fake friendship flushes down

I have seen people at their best, hanging out like they are brothers with different moms and all that social media crap. But one single disagreement on any topic, no social media post for months. Yeah, that kind of s**t is called fake friendship. There are more than 7.5 billion people on Earth and none of them will be exactly the same opinions as yours. So disagreements are just fine.


People break friendships over different religious or political disagreements as they prefer to hang out with similar thought process. People generally see the world through their own opinions and cannot tolerate anyone with opposite opinions. If you want to be a real friend to anyone, please don’t leave them for their thoughts and opinions. Just accept them as they are.

Fake Friendship runs on trading goods

This simply means a fake friend always want something from you. Things like favours, money, sex, addition to your social circle, job references, free rides, relief from loneliness and boredom, other free stuff among many other things. Since you are a good person and a true friend you won’t finch giving these things to your best friend. Right? Yeah, if it is this way, your friend is a fake one and avoid giving them your fortune.

True friends actually do not want anything every other day. Everyone wants help in their life and if you do need help, a good person will come to your rescue. However, if you are a charade, people will know someday and you are going to lose their trust.

Personal and Professional Growth is impossible in fake friendship

What would you do if a friend asks you to help him out in getting a particular thing? You’ll certainly help whether it is booking movie tickets, getting midnight meal or anything. But you know if a friend is fake, he/she will not help you out in anything you want. Leave these small things behind, they will pull you back if you try to go in a way which makes you happy.


Your friend won’t be happy if you climb the stairs of success, they’ll envy you. They’ll certainly be jealous when you get a girlfriend or boyfriend (I’m telling from the side of both genders) and try to belittle you in front of them. Fake friends don’t want you to be happy as you are just entertainment for them. They always expect you to comfort them by being a slave kind of thing. A fake friendship will always bring you down.

A true friend will help in every way possible or at least they’ll try at their best. They try to solve your problem and not just take it for granted. They actually want you to find success in life and you’ll feel them pushing for a good career or relationship opportunity.

A fake friend won’t care about your needs and desires

You might have sensed it when going on a trip your friend puts all the things he requires even if they are useless and discard your things by complaining they are occupying extra space. They always justify why it is important to carry their things. That’s it, in a fake friendship this always happens as fake friends don’t care about your belongings quoting them optional or secondary.


More so, consider you are in a party with your so-called friends, check what they bring to the table. If they don’t care about you, forget them bringing your favourite meal or beverage. Only the items they love comes to the table. You are ignored, come one if I don’t care about someone, I won’t care to listen to their needs as well. Its simple math.

They don’t care what you are going through

In a fake friendship, no one listens to you, whenever you are trying to vent yourself, your friend takes it for granted and wash it off or just change the topic. In any conversation, they are at the centre, he did that, he saved a puppy, he beat that guy and other experience which do not matter to anyone. There will be no ‘you’ in their conversations, only ‘them’ for they are the heroes of their stories. These egocentric people are a pinch of toxicity in your life and you must avoid them.

They’ll do only what they like to do and talk about what they are interested in. You love comedy movie, but you can’t watch them as your friends love action movies. See, real friends will include you in their conversations and actions. They’ll remember you love to eat a particular cuisine even if they don’t like it.

Fake Friendship is built on lies

You know people get attracted to one who has achieved something, who is famous and blah blah blah. It’s common in schools and colleges that people try to build up their group by telling lies about their achievements, expensive items, clothes, lifestyle, and whatnot. So you (among many) find that guy interesting and gets trapped in a fake friendship. It’s only after some time you realize that they are nothing but liars with two faces.


They’ll even lie about certain things which you both mutually like in order to avoid hanging out with you. A fake friend will lie about his relationship for some personal agenda. He’ll lie about anything to keep you at bay.

You won’t be yourself in a fake friendship

A fake friend won’t like you if you change something about you. It is your behaviour, your clothes, college or carrier. A fake friend would want you to come with him to a certain college or job because they like it. A real friend will always be your side even if you don’t want to choose a certain profession or college or whatever. He will advise you to wear smart clothes but will accept you even if you don’t want to.

Fake friends don’t care what you are from deep inside, rather they only care about your outer appearance. They will judge you for everything you think about or do. Real friends don’t judge when you try to be who you actually are and want to be. You don’t need approval from those fake buddies of yours.


A few words from Innominate Writer

Read this article and understand what I want to say. Try reading the behaviour of people without judging them. And if you counter a fake friend, just avoid them, break your friendship or something. But what if you are the fake one. I would like to say please don’t play with people. Become friend with only those you seriously like, it’s not important for you to have a large crowd of friends with whom you don’t wanna hang out.

By reading this article, I hope you can correct your actions for your friends. Friendship is a relationship which is said to be above having a spouse and is regarded as a boon for everyone and one must not make it dirty with your toxic behaviour. Nowadays, people lose hope very easily and if someone lost their trust for a friend, they are gonna live a lonely life for they can’t trust having a friend in their life.

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