What is wrong with the religions in India and the world?

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Religious conflicts are the main source of problems in today’s world and it is something cannot be stopped. Religions in India and the World were supposed to teach goodness instead to bitterness

(Disclaimer: In this article I will talk about the religions in India and the world. I want to tell you what was the purpose of religions in olden times and why I does not matter much in today’s world. I will try my best to avoid any kind of criticism to any religion. My motive, with this article, is to give my opinion why things are not easy in today’s life when it comes to religion or someone’s faith. I personally respect all the religions and belief systems and do not want any kind of conflict with anyone.)

Today, more than 4200 religions are in practice around the globe out of which, major religion count is about 20. A major chunk of pie is taken by Christianity, Islam, Hinduism, Chinese traditional religion, and Buddhism. Among these, Judaism and Hinduism are aurguably the oldest in the world. Concepts of Buddhism and Jainism sparked before 400 BC followed by Christianity and Islam which came into being after 0 AD. There are other younger religions in the world which originated later on.

What is Religion and its purpose?

In ancient times, when humans were evolving, they percived anything uncontrollable as super natural and prayed to, these included wind, water, weather, fire, sun, moon, stars, electricity etc. People at that time had just two main thing to do, get food and shelter, even the need for clothing came in later. When proper human grew they estabished colonies and later wanted their civilisation to be in order. This order was created by introducing the concept of religion or faith.

During its inception, the religions were not exactly ‘religion’ at all, it was just a set of rules a society was asked to follow for their better well being. One can argue it for ‘the way of life’ of people in these civilisations around the world. Each group had faith in certain gods (who they think is supreme being) and use to pray them to get their wishes fulfiled and avaoid destruction by angry gods. This helped common people to attain some respect for their fellow society mates as well as for their surroundings including plants and animals.

The purpose of any religion was clear, to do good to others, aquire peace of mind and soul, and to help weak and underprivileged. We can say this as every religion has the concept of heaven, hell, and afterlife. People are asked to do good things if they want a ticket for heaven. Doing bad things in life would make their soul suffer in hell, hence people avoided doing bad things. This system of faith made people learn more about spirituality than relying on the materialistic things. Ultimately, religion was to make sure that peace prevails.

Religions in India – But information distorts while passing through different minds

Everything was good till some people misunderstood this concept of faith. You might have noticed how any information distort like hell when it passes through as little as four to five mouths. Consider a fight between two of your classmates in your school or college whatever, some will tell it exactly whereas some will tell it in a more dramatic way. And guess what, the more dramatic way of telling the information (usually with distorted and hidden proking message) speards quicker.

religions in india - thewisdomthought

Here, we are talking about ‘the way of life’ among millions of people spreading over centuries. Hence, a great difference developed in the teachings of original religious leaders and today’s people. This is mostly done by the religious leaders itself for their personal gains for for the pride of their religion in from of others.

Anything which goes up has to come down some day

With the passage of time, people came under the umbrella of new religions. There were atleast one ‘religion’ or ‘system of belief’ in every part of the world. Religious messengers of certain religion traveled the world to spread word about their new belief system. Some got killed and some managed to make people, of other faith, believe in something they never knew nothing about. On the other hand, there were warriors who set out to conqure other countries and after defeating them they forced their religion. Some who denied to follow the new system, got killed.

religions in india - thewisdomthought

This is where all the dirt started tricking from the system which was designed to make peace with the humanity. It was destined to fail as basic human mentality is to stand above all and demean others. This happened with the belief system too. No one liked others’ faith, they refused to pay respects to them and their faith. Things went dirty and their were war and riots all over the world. People died in the name of religion.

Now in the 21st century AD, the fight is still on. People are still busy in proving that their religion is superior to others by killing innocent people belonging for other faiths. Even those who get killed without any reason can’t sit quite so kill them back. Not only this, but two different communities in a single belief system are killing each other. Why? because they don’t go hand in hand.

Religions in India – What can we do?

We cannot do anything, no one understand what is good for the society and for the country as a whole. Nations having population belonging to multiple religious backgrounds are badly hit. You know why? because we don’t give respect to other person’s faith. Making fun of other person’s faith is the starting point of all the conflicts. We must not interfere in others’ lives untill and unless that person is breaking law. Or if people of other religious belief cause infrigment of human rights or promote gender inequality.

We must start accepting things other people think and do istead of laughing and making fun of them. When you demean other by pointing certain things means you should be ready for the same kind of behaviour from others too. Then you must not feel bad and humiliated. It was you who made fun of others’ belief.

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