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Rape Culture: Can we ever fight it in India?



India is a country, famous for its diversified cultural heritage. In recent times a new culture has developed in the country, and its called “Rape culture.”

The most heinous and inhuman crime against women and young girls is rape. Rapes in India are increasing year by year and there is no stopping to it. All the governments have always failed to put a full stop on the rape incidents in the country. This is because the rapists, in most of the cases, have connections with the ruling government, who happen to save their ass from getting beaten up. Moreover, according to the Wikipedia data conviction of rapists have sharply declined in the last 40 years. Let’s talk about the rape culture in our country.

What really happens is, an innocent girl is kidnapped, usually gang raped, and then killed in an inhuman manner. It is then followed by many outcomes which are as follows:

1. The victim belongs to a poor family or the incident occurs in a village: Most of the time the incident goes unnoticed by everyone for the families think that this would tarnish their family name (This is not my personal views but is what some people think). They don’t even lodge complaint against the accused. The rapists here in question are mostly self made goons who have already ripen fear in the poor people’s hearts. They roam freely without any fear, even police are reluctant to deal with them because goons like these are not at all afraid to put a bullet even in a cop’s head. They tend to molest innocent girls and commit the heinous crime again and again.

This infested rape culture can be controlled by efficient police and judicial system


2. The victim belongs to poor or middle class family living in a village or town or sometimes in a small city: The rapists here are mostly goons, henchmen or relatives of a political leader of the area. Sometimes the political leader is the accuser. Here, the family of the victim or the victim herself (if survives) tries to lodge an FIR against the accuser, the supporters of the political leader and goons alike threatens the victim and her family. This is the first case and in the second one, victim muster enough courage to register a complaint, but the police don’t register the same as they are all scared of the ruling government. The victim’s family is attacked or threatened again to keep their mouth shut.

The outcome of this would normally be followed by the victim committing suicide due to the physical and mental pain or any of the family members ending their life due to so called tarnishing of their image. These type of cases happened quite often in the past and the accusers roamed freely without any fear for no one was there to stop them from committing crimes against the fairer sex.

Rapes in India continues as usual, victim usually belongs to middle to poor class but affluent. People forgetting their humanity by showing such cruelty against the girls. Recently, the focus has been shifted to the girls younger than 15 years of age, confirming the demonic possession of lust on the human beings. Which would never end until there are strict laws against the accusers of such crimes.

Self defence classes should be made compulsory for all girls in every school till class 12th and even after that if possible

Rapists are raping and killing little girls because of personal grudge against the father or other family member of the girl. Typically with a mind-set to teacher some lessons to the girl’s family or the girl herself. Other reasons can be anything but does not justify such heinous crime against the one who would be someone’s wife or mother in the future.


The protests against the rape accusers and for the delivery of justice to the victims surge only for selected cases thanks to the internet and instant messaging. Even in the world of smartphones and internet where any information goes viral, very few victims get proper justice by convicting the accuser of the crime. Government only works under the pressure of people’s demand for justice. However, a lot of rape cases go unnoticed under everyone’s nose.

Governments change but rape culture don’t yet as ruling and opposition parties plays it politically. People protects, does candle march and blame the ruling party as they are the one not providing proper justice to the victims of most heinous and inhumane crime against the female.

Looking at the current scenario, the number of incidents are one a rise

There has been cases in India where the rape victim’s clothing and lifestyle were blamed as for showing skin, hanging out with male friends and all that usual shit. But now there are rape cases against little girls who’s bodies are completely covered with cloths. No one has any excuse now for the rapes of young girls. Some bad elements of society would like to take it to the religion but no one will admit that the mentality of males (accusers) are now corrupted to a level that only death can cure it.

Rapists are having a mindset that no one can harm them, which is what making them to take such a huge step to satisfy their lust. This must be changed as this will eventually destroy this country or any country by the way.

depressed girl thewisdomthought

Remember, women can live their lives as they want to. They can have any number of male friends (friends means FRIENDS). They can travel, they are as free as any citizen of India is. No one has any right to hurt them physically or mentally.

We might need a vampire hunter, sort off

I’m pretty sure you guys have watched vampire movies in which the hero, the vampire hunter kills the vampires with a silver axe. Yeah, we might need someone like that. A heavy axe right though the chest of a rapist in front of the world might induce fear in the hearts of potential rapists. This might help reduce the number of rapes. Do we need to become monsters like to them to teach their kind a lesson? What can we exactly do? think and post your comments down below.

I really want government to introduce strict law and punishment to the accusers of such crime against girls and women. And at the end I would like to say that Prevention is better than Cure. If rapes can be avoided it is far better than to punish the accuser as the mental pain which has already been inflicted to the girl is difficult to forget. It is not only up to the government its upto the girls and boys of our country to work towards a better society which is safe for girls and women.



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