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The only rule of life! Simple and easy to follow


What if I tell you that you have to follow just one rule of life and everything will be sorted?

Hey there, this is Innominate writer again. Today I will discuss the only rule of life you need to follow in order to live a happy life. So, what do you think is the rule? Money? Marry someone with fame? Do some crazy sh*t? Nah, that rule is “DON’T THINK WHAT OTHERS WOULD THINK”. Yeeah!

Done… I should end this blog right here because it’s you who should think and work accordingly. But still, I think I should talk about in detail.

Disclaimer: Please don’t be an idiot and stick to this rule of life.

More than 99% of things that take place in this country is the outcome of the phrase “What others would think” or “Log kya kahenge”. Isn’t it, everyone is like usne kya khaya, kya pehna, kaha gaya, kya h*ga (shi*ing), kya kar diya and all. No one simply bothers their own sh*t. Why? What could possibly go wrong with it?

Do whatever you want without thinking what others would think

You know, ‘log kya kahenge’ has forced countless people to opt for things that are out of logic and go for most idiotic options. People have wasted a lot of money due to this single factor. Because they have to show that thing to certain species around them who would straight away judge their habit, nature or even character. We Indians are infected with this ‘show-off’ problem. Har koi apne aap ko kisi se kam nahi samajhana chahta, aakhir ijjat ka sawal hai. No one wants to stay at a lower level, as it is a matter of respect. Sabko apni shaan dikhani hai bhale hi khane ke paisa na bache.

The only rule of life you need to kick away the anxiety and restlessness

Everyone wants to show their standard of living even if they are short of money for food. But ‘Log kya sochenge’ is more important to them. For nearly everyone, what others would think is at the topmost priority.

Be whatever you want to be!

Oh, here is the problem, respect is given to those who have the money, who is the owner of a big house, a big car or something expensive. Another problem which sits among us is the gossip. If someone in society has done something different, everyone feels a burning sensation at their bottom which compels them to carry the gossip forward in a filthy manner.

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I belong to a middle-class family and live in a society which comprises of mostly middle-class people. What I observed in my society, that people install Air-Conditioners in the Living room instead of Bedrooms. Why? Because they want everyone to know that they can afford it. (Bewakoofi ki hadd paar kar gaye, LOL). Damn, these guys sleep with coolers ‘ON’ during the summer, AC is for just to show off. Haha haha, it’s so funny. Another example is, I have seen people staging their cars outside the house despite having a parking space inside the house. This is because they don’t want you to forget that they have a car and are big guys, don’t mess with us. I don’t understand this charade.

Why charade? When you can use your brain?

‘Log kya kahenge’ also show its impact on what people eat, where they eat, which school their kids’ study in. I remember that instance when one of my father’s friends came to our house. It was the month of April, after yearly examinations. That ‘uncle’ said that he is removing his kids from the school me and my sister was studying and admitting into some expensive school. He was bragging about the life of kids, the study pattern, exposure and all that kind of sh*t. What he accidentally said was the main point of him admitting his kids to that costly school. He said that some of his neighbours’ kids also study in that school and they talk about it with great pride.

Go wherever to want to go

People have stopped eating Indian food for that matter, I have heard few idiots bragging about European and American food being only healthy food on the planet. It’s not that our cuisine is not healthy, the problem is we eat a lot without much physical work which degrades our health.

Focus on something that you truly want to do according to your needs and finances, that’s the rule of life

Let your kids have the fun, and let them enjoy life on their terms. Don’t bother what others will think of you or your kids. I’m not saying to allow your kids to drink alcohol or smoke or do filthy stuff. But don’t let ‘What others would think’ become a barrier in your path to be success or happiness. You can do whatever you want or your kids want until and unless you are not hurting any other person.

My friends, those who have read this blog, please don’t be like these people. Be sensible, understand the situation and even your personal financial condition before taking any steps which might create difficulties in your future. Only do what you feel is good for you. Buy things which you need and not for show off. Saving or investing money is by far the best thing you can do with your excess money instead of wasting on things you don’t actually need. Understand the difference between ‘Want’ and ‘Need’. And please do not go searching for the quotes for rule of life sh*t.

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