We are now 137 crores, here are some problems related to Indian population explosion

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Indian population have breached the 137 crore mark. According to an estimate, by 2025 we are going to overtake China

Take a break and read this guys. We are going towards a doomsday. Yeah, you read that right, maybe not exactly the same as shown in the movies but more of a real one. I’m actually talking about the Indian population explosion. At the time of writing this article, India’s population have crossed 137 crores while China’s population stands at 143.51 crores. In next 5 years, India will overtake China in terms of population and become the World’s highest populated country. Not only this but there is one birth per two seconds in India.

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You can check the population of India live by clicking Here.

The point of writing this article is that I want to talk about the problems we are facing due to ‘so many of us’. Nearly every problem we are facing as a country is due to over population or population explosion. Everywhere we go we see people, and more people. Markets, Railway stations, Metro stations, Malls, Parks and every other place is overcrowded as hell. Speaking of the problems, first thing first, the more people we have, the more pressure we are putting on our natural resources. The water inside the ground is falling, rivers are drying up, there is no food for the poor (even now).

Population of India grew a faster rate during 1980s

Most of the population explosion is happening in the rural areas. And this is where the problem lies as parents think that more kids in the familiy means more bread earners. But things take a different turn, these kids never get proper nutrition as well as education and thus remain retards (or ignorants). Why did I used the word ‘retard’ here? Because I have seen and experience how these people perceive and react to things. They are very slow to understand anything told to them many times you have to repeat for making them understand many things.

However, more than 50% turn out to be the anti-social elements because their parents couldn’t control them. Compelled by local leaders and gangs they start performing criminal acts in the rural areas itself. When one cannot provide food, education as well as basic moral understanding one must not go for more than one child.

The Population growth rate was highest during 1970s and 80s

Consider this, if a rural family who are poor farmers or physical labors gave birth to a single child. They can take care of him/her in better way than when there are 4 children. That one child can get proper nutrition, a good education, and most importantly, moral behavior. This leads to a better citizen who can contribute towards a rising country.

It estimated that Indian population will cross 160 crores before falling after 2060s

Speaking about the employment, we all know how many job opportunities are there in the rural areas or even in the tier-3 cities. Due to lack of work opportunity in the villages, people from the rural areas move towards the cities in search of jobs. These guys are not literate (or not enough) hence cannot be utilised as skilled labors so they are forced into physical labor in the base of the economic structure. Some start working and some cannot find work either due to sheer unavailability, lack of information, or due to lack of enthusiasm. This portion of people who are not employed, give rise to crimes like chain snatching, robberies, and theft. Some go on to do bigger crimes like rapes and murders or become hitman for the sake of money. At the end of the day, everyone has to fill their tummies either by hook or crook.

The Income per capita cannot boost because a large chunk of Indians are not earning at all, and one portion is just earning enough to keep hunger at bay.

China’s population growth is all time low and it will start falling within 3 decades

Further moving on to the ladder of employement, there are a large population in the country who are well educated (till now I was talking about those who do not have any degree) bt are not employement. Why? Becasue they don’t have required skills to represent in a job. According to an estimate about 4 crore students gets enrolled in all typre of courses after 12th grade. Keep aside the first half as they find jobs, start their own business or join their family business etc, we are left will another half who cry for lack of job oportunities but actually are not capable enough to fit anywhere in any industry. Since the number of graduates are booming like french fries from potatoes, percentage of unemployement is rising at an alarming rate.

Overcrowded market The Wisdom Thought

I would like to talk a little about the traffic conditions as it is directly proportioned to the total population of the country. Our road transport infrastructure is not bad, but is actually not enough to deal with the large number of vehicles that ply on them. From the villages to the metro cities, the roads are made to tackle the traffic of an already gone era. I mean to say that today’s road infrastructure is goof enough to deal with traffic conditions about 10 years ago. Problem with our traffic is no one is bothered to follow the traffic rules. And when the number of such people increase on the roads, traffic conditions dwindle down the hell.

Schools, Colleges, Job Industry, Infrastructure, everything is under pressure due to over population

A word about pollution cannot be ignored when someone talks about the population. The pollution of any kind is again directly proportioned to the number of people in the country. More people means more cunsumers, more fossil fuel burns, more food is requied, more plastic waste is generated and so on. You know million tons of plastic and organic waste is generated around the country.

Overcrowded Station The Wisdom Thought

Our lands are polluting due to waste disposel, rivers and other water bodies are so full of watage generated by ‘so many us’. Air pollution, on the other hand, is nigh unstoppabale. One cannot forget the worst of them all, the electronic waste. The e-waste which is generated by disposing the used electronic items such as computers and mobile phones, is the major reason of land being polluted by heavy metals. In-short, it is life threatening.

At a glance

Increasing population has many adverse effects on the country as a whole both social as well as economical. Below are the consice problems of over population in India

  • Rise in unemployement.
  • Stagnant per-capita-income.
  • Immense pressure on the Public transport like Trains and Buses.
  • Ever increasing traffic jams due to heavy traffic.
  • Unsatisfying medical and health needs of the country.
  • More people means more industry and even more vehicles which causes air pollution.
  • Increasing creation og garbage and landfills.
  • Alarming increase in the e-waste generation.
  • Drying fresh water bodies and reducing levels of underground water table.
  • Increase in demand of every comodity will lead to rise in prices.
  • Food prices are ever incerasing.
  • Main problem is increasing number of idiots who doesn’t have awareness about anything.

overcrowded roads The Wisdom Thought

Final Words

At the end, I would like to tell you that this increasing population of ours will be the end of us and that end is not far. There is a way to control that population and it is simply one child per couple. If this is followed for at least 10-15 years from now, we will notice a reduction in the population growth percentage. But we need a strong driving force for this policy.

Today all our infrastructure is under immense pressure – schools, government colleges, hospitals, public transport, job industry among others. They will not be able to sustain for long if strict actions are not taken within a couple of years. At present, we are more than enough to take our country to a new level of development. If you are reading this, please plan only one child in the future.

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