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Indian Education System: Flaws and possibilities


The Indian education system has some fatal flaws which can be mended only with the help of the Government, institutes as well as common people

Did you just get your kid admitted in LKG, sorry, in Nursery by paying north of Rs 1 lakh as donation among other expenses? Let’s talk about some important points of the Indian education system, its flaws and the ways by which it can be corrected. I’m not an expert in this feild but I have gone through this so I can tell exactly what can be done to improve our education system. As you are already aware of what will happen to your kid but let me remind you. All children will be made to do is just mug up the chapters and throw up in the examination hall. And you agree to this system by saying it is quite normal Right?

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No. This is not normal, our kids are getting destroyed. Every one of us, including you and me, have done the same thing for around fifteen to sixteen years until we come out as so-called graduates, losing all our common sense and basic social moral in the process. You might seem not to worry as this happened with you and its gonna happen with you kids too. But mind you, your child will gain nothing but a confused mind and some things which might get him/her some vitamin M (the money). Not to forget a great deal of money has been spent to get a piece of paper which makes you eligible to become a servant in someone else’ dream.

Students coming out of schools and colleges do not remember anything what they studied this long. All they care about is passing exams.

A six-year-old kid weighing 20 kg carries a 5 kg bag filled with a shitload of crappy books that would never provide him wisdom. All he will be learning in the school is to mug up things and fill the notebooks, copy the classwork from the blackboard and do their homework. Wait, what is the homework? Most of the time it is a repetition of what was taught in the class and also to copy and paste from the expensive textbooks. No one care about the morals and etiquette in the children which are most important in shaping an immature kid into a disciplined and well mannered adult. But no one cares about it, even teachers don’t have a moral conscience for that matter.



Who was the son of Alauddin Khilji? Who succeeded Ashoka? When the sun temple of Konark was built? Or what are the parts of a tree? Did any interviewer ever ask such questions in the job interviews? The answer is plain No; then why we wasted your time in studying these subjects. Just to know about the world? Why we have to score those marks? The obvious answer anyone would give to this question is “It filters out the candidates from the competition who are unfit and irresponsible.

The Indian education system problems are countless

Subjects other than Mathematics, Physics, and Chemistry (and Biology if you are taking the medical field) you studied up to 10th class are useless until you want to go for further study those subjects. Then why we have to waste our time in all those subjects for ten years? Why can’t we practice what’s actually needed? Why can’t the education system just focus on what’s important in life such as discipline, etiquette, communication skills, leadership skills etc. Other skills like presentation and public speaking are a must for well paid professional.

If you want to tell young kids about the history, civics, geography, environmental science etc, teach them through an audio-visual mode, so that they are pretty much aware. We don’t want them to mug up these things. Extra classes for these subjects should be given from a certain grade on wards according to the choice of the students. At least don’t make them mug up from the textbooks which is not important. We must make our youth capable enough to help the weak and poor rather than exploiting them.

Indian Education System is not able to provide proper awareness of social and ecological problems in India

Don’t ask kids to write an education system in India essay in the language section. Teach them what is the reality of the world outside. They must be taught how to deal with certain types of people whom they will end up meeting in the future. You know because of the Indian education system problems, most of the crowd who comes out as graduate doesn’t have proper communication skills which is the only factor deciding their fate. In short, they are unemployable, they are like labors with a degree.

Extra Curicular Activities are important for mental and physical growth

All companies, whether it is the private sector or public sector, want self-confident and well-spoken people for any job profile. This is because people with these qualities have the potential for the growth of their employer. Also, this being the biggest reasons why most of the Indian youth is unemployed. It’s not necessary that the one who scored ninety per cent marks will get the job, that guy could be roaming jobless because he doesn’t have the skills required for the jobs in today’s world.

The Indian education system should focus on the development of students who are not good. This is because hardworking and aspiring students cross the river but these ‘slow’ kids are left behind. Remarkable teachers must be given recognition in all the schools to boost their morale. The reservations must end for the post of teachers in the Government schools because they are goddamn Teachers and they must know things. We must not take teachers as granted because they will help your child to become a better person.

Free and quality education is the key in small towns and other rural areas

This is the time, the Government of India must put their maximum efforts in the government run schools. Today, none of the government school has proper solution to provide good quality education to its students. Even the number of government schools are so less, most of the people can’t put their kids in them (as they are already overloaded). Further, they send their children to the private schools who demand boat load of money and the quality of education is just fine (still it is expensive). This part can be improved only by the Government. No one else can do this right, as everyone seeks profit without thinking of providing better education.


Primary and Secondary Government schools lack basic requirements like desks and benches. Its sickening to tell you that nearly 1 lakh of these schools just have one teacher per school. This is ridicoulous. Another fact is that schools which have good teacher strength, they just don’t teach, they come waste time and go. This is because they think it is a secure government job and no one is going to kick them out. Change this and Indian education system will improve once the teachers start teaching.

Moreover, Mid-Day meals are provided to the students in order to attract as many children as possible. Still, these primary schools lack numbers. The reason behind is, parents in the backward areas and villages does not want to teach their children. All they want for them to work and earn from an young age. Who is going to tell them that education is necessary? God knows.

What could be done?

The Government should seriously look into this matter as it is the deciding factor of the future of India’s youth. Basic necessities such as proper infrastructure, comfortable desk and benches, properly trained teachers, and the strength of teachers. Another important thing is hygienic school premises with latest audio-visual teaching methods. I guarantee you, if government does these few things, you can clearly see a boost in the intellect of the students. But will they? only time will tell.


The primary and secondary schools are slowing being converted into english medium so that rural students can also learn english. This will certainly help the students to deal with professional courses which are primarily in English. Not only that but internet related articles (including this) are in English. Not everyone is comfortable in writing in their mother tongue as others (people of different states) might not understand it.

Computers too

I forgot to include one more thing and that is the computers. Government must introduce computers in the secondary schools because its obvious you know. The present job sector is taken over by computer related works. Even this article is posted with the help of a computer. The future will be the computers. You know, few lines must be included for praising these machines as they are really awesome too.

At last I would like to say that our education system must include all the necessary skill development classes. Moreover, this subject should be counted as one of the top most priority subject along with PCMB. However, some kids are shy genetically (introvert), so they should be handled with a different approach. I am sure with this learning approach the students will learn the aspects which would really matter in their life and they will have outstanding communication skills, public speaking skills and other important soft skills for a brighter future.

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