This is exactly what is wrong with road Traffic in India

Traffic in India The Wisdom Thought

One reason various problems, every problem of traffic in India is caused by lack of patience in the Indian road users

At the Red signal, five… everyone starts their engines, fine no problem. Four, gears engaged and clutch is about to be released. And those on the scooters pull the throttle and scooter moves a bit forward. Three! green flag on, everyone starts crawling, despite three seconds to go for the green light. On the other end of the intersection everyone is increasing their speed to cross the green light which is about to turn red. At this end, everyone start moving before the light is turned green and a biker (from the other end) just missed a hit from the scooter rider who is in an urgency to cross the intersection before the signal could turn green. That’s how traffic in India works.

Traffic in India The Wisdom Thought

What? come on guys this is not a joke. This could is a disaster, that biker could have hit by the scooter and they both have suffered injuries or even death. But who cares, everyone does this, these acts are quite normal in India. You might have seen this happen in real or wait for that, you do these acts on the road everyday. This dangerous acts are pulled by those who have traffic police standing right on their heads. Most of the traffic police don’t give a sh*t about it (in smaller cities).

Road traffic in India is more than what infrastructure can hold

India is home for more than 136 crore people and most of it lives in the rural areas. Only about 34% Indians live in the cities as of 2017, still we have grave traffic problem. When one-third population fits in handful of cities, this turns inevitable. Whereever you go in any city, you’ll find slow moving and weird stop-and-go traffic. I think those who are reading this are actually dealing with this problem. I won’t be surprised if you are reading this article while sitting inside a car stuck in traffic. Seriuosly, let me LOL.

But who is responsible for this traffic mess? In short YOU.

overcrowded roads The Wisdom Thought

Yes you, I have to point to each and everyone out their keeping aside few (like me) who follow each an every traffic rule. Yeah, I do that’s why I can point a finger at you because you don’t. If you think I am taking pride in this (ghamand), let me tell you it’s not me but its the pride of nearly every car owner in the country who take pride when they sit inside their car and think they can do whatever they want and not to forget, they drive like shit. Believe it or not, but this is the case with everyone as very few are responsible drivers in the country.

No one bothers to follow traffic rules in India

To make it understand clearly, just remember what you do and how to drive a car or ride a bike when you are in hurry. Actually, you are always in a hurry and ready to squeeze your vehicle even from a keyhole. There is a sense of restlessness in every Indian and it shows clearly on the roads. I don’t understand why but it is their, the restlessness and frustration. Everyone wants to go first irrespective of the traffic condition at that time.

Traffic in India The Wisdom Thought

Consider this, if a car wala wants to take a U-turn on a two lane road (which he ideally shouldn’t do), traffic gets jammed for like 15 minutes. Why? Because the bike walas and scooter walas are like, ‘just let me pass through your front and rear while you are manuovering your car’, ‘Just let me go then you can take the you turn’, Dekha tera bhaaai kahi se bhi nikal leta hai’ and all that sh*t. That car wala is looking here and there, he can’t reverse because two-wheelers are going from behind and also cannot move forward as two-wheelers are squeezing from the front. The car is alligned transverse to the road and everyone is honking. The two-wheeler riders who cannot pass, start abusing that car driver.

New high penalties will help regulate idiotic drivers

And if everyone stops happily and let him take the U-turn, all yo have to do is just wait for something like 20 seconds or less. But this is impossible as people do not have the perception, they go wherever they see a way. Mentality of Indians is like labors, just go no matter what, we have to go chaahe kuch bhi ho jaye. Then comes the problem of Pride. Peopl in cars think they are gods and driving the chariot of destruction, they can’t be stopped by anything. Please don’t start rhetoric about possibility, somethings are impossible, at least in India. Or you need to have a mind controlling device to make this happen. Kisi na kisi me kida hota hi hai har jagah ghusne ka and you can’t help this.

Traffic in India The Wisdom Thought

Another major reason is that people lack the perception of using the roads. More than half the population in the country got their driving license by paying bribes. and rest half doesn’t know how to drive a vehicle with full resposibility and vision. People in India don’t know how to take turn, how to change lanes, how to ride on the busy city roads and on the highways. A very few are really bother to give way to the emergency vehicles.

Indian drivers feel like fighter pilots after buying a big car

Hope you guys have seen cars piling up on the right lane when a long queue is made. ‘Tera bhai nikal lega, line me kon khada hoga’, these youngsters who are supposed to be the building blocks of a better overall country, are performing the acts that a mentally ill and retard person would do. I have personaly seen luxury cars, which cost more than 50 lakh, crawling on the right and blocking the incoming traffic. What on earth this guys have got insid etheir skull, because they seriously do not have brain.

Yaar tumhare paas mehangi car hai to iska matlab ye nahi ki kahi bhi ghusa doge. Damn you guys you are not d**ks, ki kahi bhi ghusa doge, be human and behave likeone. You know, more than 3 lakh people are killed in India due to TERMINAL STUPIDITY and neglegence on the roads. I have seen many times in the news when college students die in road crashes, and I don’t feel bad but think oh thank god few idiots are reduced from our country. All that showing off, ego, and pride, give rise to these incidents.

What break my heart is that when others die (who try to be safe and follow traffic rules) because of these idiots on the roads.

Road Traffic of India is so badly diversified, that no one is able to maintain good speed

Many times it happened with me when someone who wants to take a left turn, overtakes me from the right side and take a sharp turn towards the left, blocking my way with it. And I’m left with brake levers squeezed and a pounding heart. Idiot. How will teach this to that guy who is MBA in something and owns a large SUV. These sharp turning and lane changing is spread acroos all kind of people – low, middle, and high class people.

Traffic in India The Wisdom Thought

People does not have common sense as well as basic understanding. Pedestrians are also stupid, I have seen them and you might have too. There are a lot of car owners who bought a big SUV or a luxury sedan from the money they acquired by selling their land to the government. And these guys are literally from the rural background, they don’t know how to behave on the roads. They are only limited to show off and nothing else. No one can help it, because there is no law to counter the stupidity on the people in our beloved country which has rich cultural heritage among other things. Indians got big cars, but they lost their brain on the way.

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