Here’s why your intelligence brings sorrow and pain

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Human intelligence is the most powerful on the planet but it brings sorrow and pain

Hey there guys, it’s being a long time since I have written anything on the blog. Today, I brought you an interesting topic which is related to your thought process and intelligence. So, what it is all about? Your intelligence is your biggest friend as well as the enemy. The friend part, I will tell in another blog but today I’m more interested in speaking about the ill effects of your intelligence. Your intelligence is the root of all the pain and sorrow in your life. And yeah, it is not a joke or something, but in reality, your human intelligence has given you suffering since birth.

To start with, human intelligence is the topmost conscious power in the whole animal kingdom. You got to plan, you can remember things for years to come, you can work on certain desires to fulfil. Not only this, but Human intelligence has also brought changes in the environment around us in both positive and negative ways. Our free lives have changed a lot in the last hundred years and now we can live as per our rules under the guidance of our government, parents and family.

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First, I would like to say that memorising something is not intelligence because everyone can memories anything just by repeating it again and again. Intelligence is the row with which you can move your boat of life through the immense ocean of life-related attributes. Human intelligence has blessed you with the power of memory and the power of imagination & desires. And these powers have made your life an ocean of failure, grief, sorrow, and suffering. Read them to know what I mean.

The Power of Memory

Memories are what you have already completed in your life until now. There are good and bad memories which make you wonder what kind of life you lived in the past. Good memories make you feel that how bad your current time is, all the bad decisions come into your mind when you face certain problem in your day to day life which is a direct or indirect outcome of that past decision. Yeah, you don’t look at the current time and decisions you must take to create a better path for yourself. But instead, you remember that past decision again and again and keep on crying.

Wait, not only decisions, if something wrong happened to you in past, you won’t forget, right? Yes, you won’t or at least most of you won’t. You retain a fear or grudge against that person for the rest of your life and burn your vitality in this process. And never understand the loss you are incurring slowly. You put a load on yourself with these past memories which bring you sorrow and suffering. Forgetting is not your forte as you are too weak to let it go.

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Memory is a part of infinite human intelligence and if you cannot control it, you fall in the ocean of grief and sorrow. Your expectations will further break your heart as no one can ever help you in that situation. Control your thoughts to control your life.

The Power of Imagination

Next thing which is the rest of the power of human intelligence is the power of imagination. First, I thought of separating the power of imagination and the power of desires but there is a little difference between the two as imagination is what fuels your desires.

When you are born, your mind is empty and with the passage of time, you collect new experiences and memories. There are very few people who actually remember the events which occurred before age 5. When we grow, our brain grows, we learn how to actually learn things and retain the experiences. As time flows, these experiences become memories and these memories give rise to imaginations of how we could have performed certain tasks to obtain better results. This also comes as we see other people achieving some or other feats on a regular basis.

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It is the usual nature of human intellect which makes us see things which we never achieved. Our desires to achieve them kicks in as we, in our imagination, try to experience them and feel the thrill of their presence. We imagine a better job, more money, better living standards, a beautiful life partner and what not. These desires won’t be fulfilled according to your needs and it’s kind of obvious. And yeah, these things you see in the movies and TV series you watch every day. In real life, you get nothing comparable to what you see in the movies and TV shows. Hence, pain and sorrow are inevitable.

So, overall, I just want to say that, the power of imagination brings immense universe to dive into, but should you do it? Should you fall into it and let your desires control the way your life? Of course not. But you are still under the control of your desires, look at yourself. You want this, you want that, you want everything that your friend, relatives or your neighbour owns.

What to do then?

With all these things around what can you possibly do? People go to Babas and Gurus and ask them how can they control their mind how to forget their past and move on with a new life. How to stop their unending desires and imaginations? Is that what you want? To limit the power of your brain? To limit the intelligence of a human mind?

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Happiness and Sorrow are a part of your own self

This clearly shows that you are not worthy of a human mind because you cannot steer it away from the rough roads. A mind of a mouse might be enough for you, just eat, sleep, and multiply. Now, are you happy with the answer? No? You want this brain to be controlled, somehow and end all your sorrow. Just trap this mind. Right? Yeah, I can hear the answers.

You have to control your thoughts, not the mind. Your thoughts make you whatever you are from outside, how you behave with people and what you talk about others. I’ll tell you how to control your thoughts in another blog. Till then think over it. Wait, do not overthink it.

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