What is Success for you? Money? Fame? Or this?

what is success

Success is like achieving a goal and what if all those goals are achieved?

Okay, If I ask what is success for you? What will be your answer? Most of the time people are seen bragging about bank balance reflecting the digits of your phone number is called success, starting a company and employing your ex-lover’s husband is called success. Earning more than your bullies or rivals is called success or minting money even when you are asleep is the definition of success for you.

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Ever since you managed to get hold of your consciousness, you have seen your parents and relatives feeding you the only definition of success and that is- high paying jobs, even better – the government jobs, or settling down in a foreign country or something which sounds like these. And when you enter the college you get to see people from different backgrounds, you see their living standard their possessions and all. With due course of time, unki chamak dhamak dekh ke aapka dimaag ghoom jata hai.

Then what? You think this is the only thing that matters, money and fame. So, you fall for it, I know, I know it is easy as a cakewalk to run after the money. You can find more on the lust for Money by clicking here.

What must be your purpose then?

If it’s not the money then what it is that you should fight for. First of all, let me be clear that I do not have any idea what is there in your head (I mean thoughts) but for me, success is not only about the money you have, there’s more to that. Earning money is just one part of the whole success thing. It is kind of a way to prove that world that you could do it, so you did it.

Your success goals should be like – How much you can donate for a good cause. These causes can be related to social or environmental issues such as feeding the poor and hungry, educate the backward or incapable class, helping NGOs and other organizations to protect the environment and water resources. Along with all these, the amount of humanity left in you also determine the level of your success.

Why do I need to say this? You might hear these things from motivational speakers and babas but I want to remind you that more than 90% of people forget their past once they become successful or affluent. People like these tend to demean their subordinated and even colleagues and not forget anyone with low living standards. They feel powerful by doing this kind of stuff and yeah, it could be you… You could be the one I’m talking about. Just think about what you do in your office. This is not your fault, it happens when you sit at a higher power level, you know – Takat ka Nasha – Intoxication due to power.

Success Quotes are the movers but in the wrong direction

And hence, you are a failure. If you cannot remain what you were before you find success, you failed, you failed yourself. Read this sentence two times and then two times in your head. And please start doing something which puts a smile on some faces other than your family members. Ah, wait, if you cannot even make your family happy, you are f***ed bro.


See, I don’t know whether you believe in God or not but God has left people poor and needy because he knows that he also made some humans (capable enough) who would go and help them. But there are dire consequences to this too as some (who help the poor and needy) start thinking that they are the God or incarnation or something like that. Everyone readily says that God is unfair as he left the poor to suffer, even you have also said it, but no one is ready to help them.

Having love and Humanity is what I call success

Consider this as a test and you will be a failure if you are not bothered to help others. Success is not only the presence of money, influence, power or position, but it is the correct utilization of your money, power, position, and influence to do good for the poor, weak, and the very planet itself.

It is very similar to your gesture towards your parents, nature nurtured you and now you must pay back the debt to the mother nature. Again, it comes to this, think you are at a high paying job but you just sent your parents to an old age home. Brother, you are a failure, shittiest and the poorest person in the whole world.

Today people are more interested in the success quotes than the success itself. Otherwise how people will come to know that you are motivated and will buy a Ferrari in the next 5 years. Haha- quite a show-off…

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