What if all our desires are fulfilled? Is there life after that?

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Just imagine that all your desires are fulfilled, now what?

We all live with desires, some desires can be fulfilled with hard work and dedication and some are just pure imagination. There are desires which are good only when imagined as they could ruin your life if it happens with you in reality. We start wanting things from an early age, I remember when I used to desire to eat a Rs 10 Potato Chips packet without sharing. I fulfilled this desire of mine when I entered college as I had some free money. As time changes, my desires are also changed, now I want a high paying job without stressing out much as well as a beautiful girl to spend life with.

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Just a few days back I was sitting on a bench in the park near my PG in Noida. I looked at people, there were rich people who came by car to take a walk in the park and then there were poor people who did not have proper chappals to wear. With few thoughts in between, I slipped into thoughts focusing on the desires. Looking at that poor old man I thought, What he might be desiring of? better shoes? clothes? or he is stressed up because he got fired from his job a few days back.

Then I looked at that rich man, who had a huge tummy hanging below his chest, I looked his Hyundai Creta (I noticed that guy because he stepped out of his car when I was at the gate of the Park) and thought what he might be desiring nowadays, bigger car, better business or job whatever he is doing, a foreign tour. Everyone has desires, some get to see their light and some die with them.

First of all, you can never fulfil all your desires

I thought what will it be like to have all our desires fulfilled? I imagined that I got a high paying job, after that I felt that I will buy a car, then go to places I’d thinking about lately. After that, I will get married to someone who would love me the most (obviously). Then a beautiful honeymoon, kids, more money, a house, and it will keep going on until I’m dead. A normal life would never become a bad idea but what if all your desires are fulfilled in a short duration of time?

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What I’m talking about is, a high paying job or business, a luxurious house, a big car now waht? A beautiful wife? Got one, World tour? Done. Tasted all kinds of food you ever imagined, yeah I might take some time, but this desire is also fulfilled. Now, what would you do? Every desire you ever had is now fulfilled, you got everything you ever wanted. There is nothing left that you couldn’t wish for.

Okay, from a house you move to a bungalow, or a Mansion, or even better, a private island. You own all the supercars from all the brands available on the planet, a yacht, a private jet, fame of the world. Nothing left. You could only wish to end your life because there is nothing you can dream of, there is nothing more to desire or wish for. You already got everything and now your head is empty.

Even if you did, it will be your last mistake

Disclaimer: Only those wishes could be fulfilled which can be possible, you just cannot have the powers of Superman if you desire for the same. But yeah you can wish for permanent peace in Humanity and things like that. Only those desires will be fulfilled which follows the laws of Physics, do you understand?

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I got everything I wanted and now I’m exhausted. I don’t want anything else, actually, I can’t think of anything else. Now, I can’t dream of anything because whatever I dream about, it comes true. There is no excitement in my life, I cannot have the luxury of waiting for my desires. I cannot enjoy the pleasure of struggle and efforts for something I want. I get everything for free, everything I got till now seems fake and stranger as if someone gave me alms. Nothing belonged to me and I did not earn anything.

I visited all the places I used to see on Instagram. I’m done showing off things I used to die for. Partying, drinking, eating everything feels senseless. All I can wish for is death. Even if I accident desired for a peaceful end, I will come for all my desires are fulfilling and death is my only desire. I remember when I drooled over expensive shit I couldn’t afford but now when I have everything, I just want to be alone.

End of desires means the end of you, desires give you a purpose

Damn, you know guys, this life is senseless and out of excitement without unfulfilled desires. Like confidence, desires are a kind of motivation for you to move forward and work for something you have a heart for. Those money-saving spree to buy an item your desire, that’s satisfying. And what about that feeling of being looted after paying the rent, that was trolling in itself.

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Enjoy the moment, do not die for these materialistic things, they are not going to provide you with the peace of mind. Just chill and have fun. refrain from using chemicals though. Period.

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