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Greed for Money is a Lust forever!

greed for money The Wisdom Thought

Greed for money is a curse, an unsatiated lust due to which you’ll lose more than you gain

Right now I’m earning Rs 4 lakh per annum and I believe that when I’ll get annual pay of Rs 6 lakh, all my problems will be solved and I can save some money even after spending on whatever I’m desiring today. Hey what? This is what I’m actually thinking while writing this story. It’s not only me, even you think about it. Right now all my money goes into room rent, food and lots of food, and travel and another online shopping sh*t. That’s a seed to the greed for money.

The actual thought the process is, my friend is earning that much, my mama ka ladka is earning that number. What I’m doing? I need to push, kuch to ijjat bane market me. Bas ek acche package ki job lag jaye and I’m done for at least 2 years. I’ll watch all the Netflix and Amazon Prime movies and series. I’ll buy a motorcycle and travel to places that not of my friends visited. But this is what you think and nothing fruitful happens in real life. You are just waiting for the right moment. Not only this, but you also bought an ‘Apna Time Ayega’ T-shirt to offer condolences to your crushed dreams.

Now, let’s consider you cleared an interview and get a job which is paying you Rs 5.5 lakh. Somehow Rs 6 lakh deal didn’t go through and you were forced down to Rs 5.5 lakh by the over smart interviewer or HR person. Here, most of the cases I’ve seen is that they are sad because they didn’t get the desired amount of money. Come on man, you should rejoice, you got more than what you were earning before. Be grateful to the fact that you got a new better paying job. It’s better to settle for this one and replan your life.

Got the desired annual package, now what?

Now it all comes down to the mental set up of the person on how to deal with the matter in hand. People who are negative in nature will remain anxious and worried about their career path and the positive ones will just stop thinking and start enjoying their life. Once the initial phase passed, you will start finding it difficult to remain composed with the amount of money you have.

The lack of green papers start pinching you when your colleagues buy themselves expensive sh*t and you just cannot afford it or have other chores to do. Guys, I want to make it clear that you will face this problem in your entire life. This is not about the twenties or early thirties, this is a problem that your parents are facing still right up to point when they retire. Your desires will never end as they are meant to end with you.

the greed for money The Wisdom Thought
Greed for Money blinds you so bad that you start measuring everything with the vitamin M

You would often wish to have born in a rich family, search for online money earning apps, waste money in the money market or share market, read, post, and share money quotes on social media, check out expensive items on the internet. Not to forget those random money heist thoughts which whizz past your head. Err, you have to sit and think about what you actually need because there are millions of items, gadgets, vehicles, jewellery, and other stuff. And believe me, no one can buy all of that, even the richest man in the world thinks twice before he set out to spend money.

Real greed was never for the money, it was for…

The moment you get an appraisal, your expenses move past your salary and you cannot really feel the warmth of the added funds. This becomes a race where you try to keep your image above others. It is embarrassing for you when you cannot afford something as someone says ‘you didn’t buy this, man this is a must-have product for you.’ I don’t know what kind of pressure it is called which compels you to buy that item even if you do not need it. Why? just to show it to you others that you buy everything you want. Overall this ups your game.

Your value is made with the things you have on your desk or on your shelves at home. Slowly, the desire for a big house, a car as well as high standard living becomes stronger and stronger. As all of these things will make you big and in our society “Whosoever holds the money, property, and bank balance, even if he be unworthy, shall possess the power of being Bade Log (big guy, bada aadmi, VIPs of common people)”.

The greed of Money will pull you into a sinkhole from where there is no escape

I think you understood what I wanted to convey. This hunger is to prove others ki ‘hum kisi se kam nahi’. This is the root of what you are trying to do. That’s it. More money you have, more useless items can be spotted at your house in the name of decoration. A large amount of money is gone to the importer and the exporting country which could have given a poor person, a stomach full of dinner. That won’t make sense, all you want are the things of your desire.

Running after the money will make you less of a human

Overthinking about money will make you mad. I mean, anxiety, nervousness kind of mad. Working overtime will get you money but I’m damn sure you’ll lose your sleep and your health, both physical and mental. All that hard-earned money will eventually go to doctors to get back what you lost. You won’t realize it beforehand but when you realize it might be too late to get full recovery.

I’m not saying that you shouldn’t work for house, car and comfortable living but please control your desires to a level where you can fulfil them with ease and not by selling your blood. Don’t look for what others are buying, a look at your self and things you already possess. It will be a lot better when you give thorough pondering when going to buy certain items that can be useful for a longer time. Time is money, remember that, spend with your family that’s more precious than the money you have a lust for.

the greed for money The Wisdom Thought

Think about it, if your marriage is broken, your parents are no more, your kids don’t give a sh*t about you never bothered to spend time with them. What will you do with the money you have in your hands. You can, at best, employ some servants and maid for daily chores in your old age until you die.

Being happy is any day better than crying

If you are an under 30 and energetic person who actually don’t give a f**k about your life and thinks that crying inside a Mercedez-Benz is better than being happy inside a small hatchback. I really hope you buy a Mercedez-Benz car one day and cry with immense pain in your heart and soul. That day you’ll understand what this innominate writer wanted to convey to you.

Oh, wait, money is required for all the materialistic things and comfort. But for these things you are not supposed to leave everything behind and break all the bonds with good people. Learn to enjoy what you have and don’t always look for what others are having. Just chill man…

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