Here’s why Happiness don’t step into your life


Happiness is not something you can acquire, its a state of your mind

(Disclaimer: This is a 18+ article, kids just back off, go play Candy Crush)

What were you thinking? Ummm… let me guess, aren’t you thinking about how to become rich or win some kind of lottery? Or how to get that girl or boy to somehow like you? Maybe you are jealous of your friends as they are doing well too great in their lives? But you still want happiness in your life?

Hey hey, come on, have you started feeling inferior? Just because some of friends are traveling and buying things that you only can dream off. But dude listen, you know what, just wait for it, someday you will too, just work towards it.


Tell me, do you feel lonely? as all your friends are in a relationship or getting married, and you just envy over their social media posts. I understand being lonely can be worst, and I mean it as I’m single since birth and I’m f**kin happy. But wait for a second, just ask yourself, are they happy? Do they really enjoy? Or will you find happiness if you enter into a relationship?

Alright come, let’s analyze.

Do you want that happiness quote? I mean the object of happiness?

Before I start to elaborate please think for a while and remember, the last time, when you were mad for iPhone (or other expensive sh*t) and you saved every penny you could, for months to buy that. When you are just bought it and you hold it in your hands for the first time, you were extremely happy, because that was your ultimate desire. Okay, just desire not an ultimate one.

But don’t you think that after few months you got bored of it too, isn’t it? Yes, because things won’t give you happiness it’s just an achievement the way you feel when you win in a game. And it is short lived. You know there are times when we get fascinated by the assets other people own, No? OK for example, a colleague of yours bought a stylish new motorcycle and it’s the same one you always desired to own.


He gets all the attention; everybody around you is talking about him. You try to imagine what if you had bought the bike and got all the attention he is getting from everyone. Wait, What? You want the attention or the motorcycle? You are trapped; buying something for seeking attention is not the work of a wise person, period.

Okay, ponder over this; will you be happy if you managed to buy it? If yes, for how long? Few days, weeks, or maybe months before it dissolves into your daily routine and you start hunting happiness in something else. This way you’ll never be content and end up craving for more and most of the time the objects of your desire are out of your reach which will make you anxious and miserable.

We all think that we will be happy if a particular thing comes under our possession. But this is the most misunderstood thought in the world. The so called happiness is actually a burst of euphoria in which your brain dumps a load of happiness and contentment hormones in your blood stream, and you know it very well, hormones exhaust briskly. You need something else to satisfy that hunger.

How about being in a relationship

Let’s talk about others’ relationships. They are having fun with their girlfriends/boyfriends (I’m talking for both girls and boys here). You see your friends traveling to places, enjoying movies together; you desperately miss the part when they post images on Facebook and Instagram with weird captions. But have you ever thought about the other side of the coin. Are they really happy or just showing off? You cannot make it out from their happiness whatsapp status. Most of these couples are just dragging their relationship to nowhere. Don’t look at others, just look at yourself, spend time with your fucking self.


In the beginning, the boy fall in love with a girl, he approaches her, they talk, finally he proposes her and she accept him. They start a relationship living like couples after marriages (if you are thinking something else, I’m actually talking about sex). Sex will make you happy for few months and then you will realize you want another body to sleep with. This is actually a trend young ones like to follow which give them a feeling of being grownups. Not all relationships are fake, some are genuine and may god bless them (LOL).

You MIGHT be happy in a relationship IF – You are able to arrange extra time to spend with your girlfriend, can talk on phone for hours if not whole night. You don’t care about going to some fancy restaurant of cafe ending up burning hole in your pocket. Further, you are going to fulfill her wishes of shopping and traveling. Enjoy your time when you have because rest of the life you have to spend with a girl/boy (I’m just talking). You can never find happiness with your life partner if you are not happy today (single).

Focus on what you have, idiot

You might be angry that I called you an idiot. But you are definitely one if you are sad and depressed because you can’t have something you want from the core of your heart. WHY THE HELL YOU WANT THAT SH*T IN THE FIRST PLACE? come on man, you have a laggy smartphone, you own a 100cc motorcycle, you definitely have fancy clothes to wear. Not to forget you live under a concrete roof with nearly a kilogram of food getting digested in you filthy stomach. Still you are SAD because you do not have an expensive motorcycle, car, or phone or some other sh*t for god’s sake.

Don’t fall for such things brother/sister, whoever is reading this. There are people who are sleeping on the foothpath (India doesn’t even have proper footpaths goddamn!). There are people who can’t study because they don’t have money. You know, five year old kids are collecting plastic bottle and you are fucking SAD. Hence proved, you are an idiot if you are sad for not having some sh*t.

Stop using social media, it is the main source of depression

I will write a full fledge article on the social media but for this post, I want to say that social media has fu**ed each and every yougester in the country including me. DO NOT USE SOCIAL MEDIA for more than 10 to 15 minutes as it increases anxiety. I know it is soothing and time killing to see posts on social media but still try to avoid it at best.


Best thing you can do about your life is read books. Read something which will bring new insights in your life and teach you how to deal with certain things (books actually teach you to deal with everything). Social media will only deplete your sense of happiness because you’ll only see what you cannot get in real. Stop looking for happiness quotes and happiness images to boost your mood or something.

Last words

Remember happiness never comes from an item of desire; it simply comes from within us. When we are content and satistied, we experience calmness and relaxation in both body and mind without obtaining anything. So guys, I would say that just be happy for no reason as this is how the life works. There are people you remain happy and calm even in the worst conditions. Learn from them and be happy because you have a life. Happiness cannot sustain from buying a product, your desires will never end and you’ll never find happiness in life if you were to go in that path.

Find your stock of happiness in the littlest things you can find. Oh I forgot to tell you that spreading happiness will bring you something you never experienced in your life. Don’t beleive me? Go make someone happy today, and see what goes through your body.

Just be Happy and be grateful for everything you have, this is the best gift you can give to yourself.

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