Here are some important tips for your Anger Management issues


Anger Management is an important task everyone must take seriously

Have your anger issues disrupted your relationship with your partner/spouse? Your kids behave well only when you are around? Are your subordinates afraid from you while asking for leaves and your colleagues have stopped sharing things from you? And all these things are happening because you don’t have control over your anger. In this article I will tell few tips for anger management.

Gussa sabko ata hai! Lekin use control har koi nahi kar pata – Everyone gets angry but not all can manage their anger.


Hey there, this is Innominate writer back with this amazing piece of information. That’s obvious, everyone gets angry every now and then. For the very same reason, I’m here to present you with some tips to control your anger issues with these anger management tips. I have written them in the simplest language possible so that everyone can help themselves with their anger. Here I go…

Think before you speak

The first thing to do for anger management is to think before you say. I know this is the most difficult part because when you are angry you really wanna punish people in front of you with harshest words possible. So when you are angry to try to think and avoid using relationship breaking words. This will help in two things, first, your relationship with that person will prevail and second, chances of argument cooldown are high. After all its better to avoid saying certain things that will make you regret later.

Never be proud of your anger

I have seen some people who proudly say – ‘I get very angry on small things, so beware of me when I’m mad.’ If you are this kind of person, then you must be an idiot to think so. Anger is nothing to be proud of. It has the potential to f*ck with your life as many times as you allow it to. Anger doesn’t show strength, it shows your weakness. Being proud of being angry is also what make your angry over petty things and ruin your relationship with your spouse, partner, friends, relatives, and colleagues.


Don’t blame when angry, use ‘I’ word

During the time of extreme anger or irritation, you tend to blame others by pointing out their mistakes or yelling about whatever the sh*t you don’t like. At this time try using the word ‘I’ instead of ‘YOU’ because this way the other person will get the point you don’t like or straight away hate. When using the word ‘YOU’, the other person will feel the blame and can get angry which will only escalate the matter to the whole gruesome level. Try saying ‘I did not like this’, instead of saying ‘You created this mess.’

Take a break, Jaani

If you are frustrated with something or someone, I will advise you to take a break. And by a break, I mean mental break as you just can’t think about that situation or person during your break time. If you do, it will keep the grudge and slowly eat away your judgement capability. Take a deep breath and spend some time alone and just don’t think about the matter at all. Go watch a funny movie, travel to a calm place or hit the gym. If you continue to ponder over things that anger you there is no point in taking breaks or reading about anger management.

Tell them why you were angry after calming down

You must learn to explain are reasons for your anger in a more assertive way instead of confronting the person again after the cooldown. Doing this might make that particular person avoid bringing up matters that angers you. This method aids in elevating your mood as you have already vented yourself in a constructive way. This you get a better understanding with that person as an added bonus.


Work on the possible anger management solutions

There are certain things in our life which makes us angry every now and then. To counter this problem one must work up to find a full-&-final solution to that particular problem. If your spouse is postponing dinner due to office work then shift the dinner on a weekend or a public holiday when he/she is free. If your kids create nuance in the house try to adjust up to some level or send them out in the park. Anger only create more problems and will help with none. It is the route to the destruction of mental peace. Therefore, there can be two solutions, either adjust or ignore.

Humour can help make things better

Next in the list, we have Humor, yeah Humor. Laugh when you are angry (remember Munna Bhai MBBS movie?) read some jokes and view some memes online. Avoid depression new channels with s*ity political news. This will absolutely calm you down because it does to me. Next point will help you even further when combined with Humor.

Never hold grudge against anyone

After the anger cools down you tend to behave differently (negatively) with the people you got angry upon. This is because you are clouded with bitterness and negative feelings about the person who angered you. You must learn to forgive. Forgiveness being a powerful tool will help in creating a stronger relationship bond with that person.


Practice meditation and breathing techniques for anger management

Anger is a feeling which is produced as a reaction to a stimulus which you think is uncontrollable and might subdue you. Deep breathing techniques calm your brain as more oxygen goes into it and you start to think clearly. Meditation increases your potential for love and compassion. And you start taking the route of understanding and patience in your everyday life. I felt the positive effects of Meditation in my life, a lot has changed in me including my thinking and confrontation prowess. I get less angry now because I bypass a lot of things and accept what’s inevitable (not under my control).

Don’t shy to ask for help

Finally, if you are a weak-minded person and can’t help your anger issues. Just go and get help from a psychiatrist or a therapist before you murder someone out of rage. Period.

As I said in the previous para, Anger has created more criminals than any other feeling including greed and lust. So, it’s better to control your anger issues before it gets out of your control and f**ks with your life. Thanks for reading, I’ll come up with more such blogs for you to build a happy life.

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