Real Story: How to lose weight without gym – up to 2 kg per month!

how to lose weight The Wisdom Thought

This is how to lose weight following this way, you can lose as much as 2 kilograms per month without hitting the gym

Hey there! Innominate Writer here, today I’m going to tell you my personal story on how I lost 2 kg weight per month without hitting the gym. This is a simple routine but needs a lot of patience. Yeah, how to lose weight? Let’s talk, but first, a disclaimer.

Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post, get that. All I want to see a healthy and happier ‘you’ (imagine me pointing a finger at you) so that you don’t blame others for your fucked up life. Okay? Now you can move further.

First, let me tell you about my body type. I’m about to be 27, height 5’5 with hanging tummy, saggy chest, thin arms, and fat legs. My metabolic rate is very low so whatever I eat settles in my tummy.

how to lose weight The Wisdom Thought

In September 2017, I checked my weight and I was shocked to find my heft at 75kg. Just a year and a half before that in May 2015, the weighting scale ticked at 64kg. At that time I didn’t understand what to do and how to lose weight which I put on since time immemorial. So I reduced my food intake with immediate effect.

To lose weight these are the steps I followed for a healthier body, Goddamn!

Step 1- Check your daily food intake

I’m a fast-food fanatic, especially sweets and sugary treats, so I cut on the sugar first. Then reduced the amount of food I used to eat at dinner. Instead of 4 Rotis, I came down to 2. Salad became a must-have during food so as to reduce the amount to total calories I ingested. Try to eat cucumbers and beetroot with lunch and dinner. Take a healthy breakfast, wait, don’t you dare to miss breakfast. If you are missing breakfast, I really want to abuse you like hell.

Step 2- To lose weight, Control your tongue

Fast food? just once in a week or two and that too a light one (no burgers and french fries please). Just forget about filling you filthy stomach with the junk. If you want to cheat, do it with some sense otherwise you can’t feel the change.

healthy food The Wisdom Thought

Install a calorie counter app in your smartphone which will tell you how many calories you are consuming every time you sit for eating. There are many apps on the app store which will help you track the calories you ingest.

What I did was cut all the teas and coffees and replaced them with water. Do not look at the pictures or videos of junk food on internet TV or other ads as this will not remind you of your favourite junk food and you can live without them. My favourite junk is Pizza and I ate it once in a month to keep the carvings in check. Oh wait, I used to stick to the small ones only for taste and not for filling my tummy.

Step 3- Physical activities is important to lose weight

When you are doing a job, there is very little you can do for physical activity. Since this article is losing weight without the gym, I would say you to walk. Yes, just walking does help to lose some fat if you are overweight. Walking helps in keeping your weight in check when you at the right weight.

how to lose weight The Wisdom Thought

I used to walk 2 hours every day which helped me burn about 450 calories per day. Walk 1 hour in the morning and another in the evening. TWO HOURS! Yeah, two hours, I know you don’t even walk for 10 minutes but I had to go it as I cannot jog, it’s boring and tiring.

Do one thing, go to a park and watch an episode of your favourite series, you won’t know when those 40-50 minutes went past by you.

Summing it up

Now, you are following these steps:

  • Healthy daily food with Salads and higher protein
  • No high-calorie junk food
  • Least amount of sugar intake
  • Counting calories via any mobile app
  • Walking 2 hours a day or other physical activities

Consider that your BMR (Basal Metabolic Rate) is 1400 Calories per day. This means you need 1400 calories to survive. Now if you eat 1400 calories and do nothing, you’ll neither lose weight nor gain it. If you are eating more than this, you are bound to put on weight. So, what you have to do is, eat 1400 calories and burn 500 calories every day. This will create a gap of 500 calories per day which will lead to a weight loss of about 1 kilogram in 15 days. Add one or two cheat day per month you can easily lose 2 kg per month.

balance The Wisdom Thought
A Balance in Calorie intake and Calorie burn is required

Just for those who are unaware, to lose 1 kg fat, you need to burn 7700 calories by hook or crook. So if you are strictly creating a gap of 500 calories every day, you can cut about 1 kg fat in 15 days. You can do the math.

My Results

In a span of two months, my weight came down to 71 kg from 75 kg mark. Next 4 kg weight was a bit difficult to cut because I weight reduced and I needed to walk more to burn the same amount of calories. In the next three months, I came down to 67 and after that, I stopped the drill.

Now after 1 year of conscious eating and doing some physical activity my weight is ticking around 65 kg mark. And you know what I’m happy about it. My old shirts are fitting and jeans went a bit lose.

Do not force yourself into weight-loss diets and exercises, they are all sham and gold diggers. Follow this basic routine and you’ll see the results. Being fit doesn’t mean anything unless you feel as a fit and healthy individual

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