This is the best and healthiest way to drink Tea!

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Tea is often consumed with milk and sugar, that’s what is degrading your health

Tea is love, I know it very well and people are ready to die for it (metaphorically). Some of my friends are like, they cannot survive without it. It is connected with life is such a way that one just cannot image their days passing by without a sip from a cup of hot tea. Just imagine yourself sitting in your balcony (if you have one) on a cool evening and sipping your favourite flavour. If you ever visited Uttarakhand and sipped tea on a Maggi point, you’ll know it’s nostalgic.

Cutting Tea - The Wisdom Thought
Cutting Chai

I sat to write something else but it caught my eyes so I decided to tell you guys about the healthiest way to drink tea. See, what we regularly do is add a lot of milk or make tea whole milk and no water at all (some roadside tea stall do this as people just love it). Not to forget the sugar content in the tea which adds to your daily calorie intake. If we talk about harmful substance in a tea, it is one and only the ‘refined sugar’.


Black Tea - The Wisdom Thought
Black Tea

Consider this, if you are drinking 4 cups everyday, you are consuming about 20 grams of refined sugar in a day in addition to your daily intake. And you know very well that having uncontrolled sugar intake will only make you sick. So try to avoid sugar in tea and enjoy its natural flavour which is damn good. I know some of you just want to kill me for saying this but you must evolve your taste for a healthy body.

There is a healthier way to drink and you are going to love it

Apart from regular milk & sugar based tea you can also try this best and healthiest way (for regular black one) is to heat the water up to certain temperature (see below the recommended water temperature) and then remove it from the stove. After that, add some tea (of your choice) and let it brew for about three to five minutes. The more you let it brew, the stronger you get. Yes, you are right, you only follow these steps for making green tea but you can follow this for your regular black tea. Just try it out.

Yellow Tea

I also know that you think of your current life situations while sipping from the cup of hot tea in the morning or evening. This is because you get some time to think what you’re gonna do in the near future. I would say that you must relax and take a sip from the tea I just asked you to make. The natural flavour with strong aroma will certainly make you feel better. It doesn’t end here, cool it or pour 2-3 cubes of ice with lemon or honey (for sweetness, avoid sugar).

White Tea

If you want to explore more flavours you can choose from various types of teas available in the market. For starters, there are six main tea types you can easily purchase from the market. These are –

  • White
  • Green
  • Yellow
  • Oolong
  • Black (what we drink daily)
  • Pu-erh

I will write more about them in future blogs and will let you know in detail which one does what.

Cutting milk and sugar will save you calories which might help you avoid putting extra fat

All these different kind of Teas come from the same Camellia plant. These different flavour of tea comes due to different kind of processing, the tea leaves go through. Other than these six, rest all Teas are basically infusion of Herbs with different fruit flavours like strawberry. I’m not saying that these are bad or something. These are not actual ‘Tea’ as its makers market them with a ‘Tea’ badge so that they can make some money out of it. I would say you should try infusions as well for they are healthy and might taste better than the originals (in some cases, maybe).

Pu-erh Tea - The Wisdom Thought

You know what, different teas are made at different water temperature to get best from them (the natural flavour).

  • For White heat water to – 65° – 75° C
  • Green – 75° – 85° C
  • Black – 85° – 95° C
  • Infusions (Herbs and all) – 100° C

You must be wondering how to know about the temperature of water without a thermometer! Actually you can learn it by observing with your own eyes. For example, when visible steam starts to appear (while heating water, obviously) the temperature of water is near about 65° to 75° C which is best for White tea. The temperature at which heavy bubbles start bursting out, it is 100° C you can mix infusion at this moment. To get to 80 and 90 degree Celcius, for Green and Oolong teas, just wait for a couple of minutes after visible steam appears i.e, after 70° C.

Green tea has least amount of caffeine which is why it is considered healthier

Back home what we do? We “Cook” the black tea for like 10-15 minutes before removing from the burner. By doing so you are increasing the amount of caffeine and Tannin into the drink which is not good for health. Caffeine will make you addicted and Tannin will decrease body’s ability to absorb iron which is certainly not a good thing. This, our way, must be avoided and to taste the real flavour just follow the simple steps I just told.

Green Tea - The Wisdom Thought
Green Tea

After all, its your health which matters the most than the taste your tongue feels for a moment. One must not forget the fact that drinking tea without milk or sugar will give you maximum benefits as advertised everywhere. Teas contains antioxidants which avoids free radicals inside your body and prevent cancer from developing. There are other important benefits of tea which I will tell you in a different blog.

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