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This is how Coffee is killing you


Your beloved coffee is linked to various health problems including heart diseases

Hey there! Wassup? Had your morning coffee? May be yeah, because if you hadn’t you wouldn’t be here reading this. I’m not laughing, just saying because without coffee your body won’t work. LOL. You know coffee is famous because it has caffeine, you just added caffeine into your system to get yourself moving. Not because you like it or something because now you need this chemical to get enough rush of blood so that you can carry out your daily routine. Mind it or not, you are a coffee addict and you run on caffeine. You are in dire need of a psychoactive drug to kick start your day.

What Caffeine does?

Caffeine is a psychoactive drug similar to that of COCAINE, LSD, CANNABIS, NICOTINE, and ALCOHOL. Yes, you read that right, caffeine is not something to be taken lightly. Psychoactive drugs are those which enhances your mood and gives you a perseption of alertness. That said, caffeine makes you believe that you are more alert and full of energy to carry out any task thrown at you. And yes it does help in doing so for you get praised by your boss for working after office hours.


Other than the perception of alertness and energy, coffee gives one hell of a flavour. And this flavour is the one which attracts people in the first place. Caffeine sits on the second level which makes you stick to the different types of coffee flavours. As you all know, the coffee you drink is made by grinding coffee beans and mixing with different items to create a unique drink for you to enjoy. Cafe Latte, Capuccino, Cafe Mocha, and lot more, you can just keep on naming them. But there are important facts related to coffee that you should definitely be aware of.

Harmful effects of Coffee – I mean too much coffee

(Disclaimer: I do not have medical background and I’m not interested in telling you all the detailed hormonal activities occuring inside human body after consuming too much caffeine. Try to understand the overall concept of what I want to convey for your better health. If you ask why, I just want you to be healthy because if you are healthy, our society will be healthy and our next generation will also turn out to be healthy. If you are not in a mood to read you can read another article of your interest. This article will be here and you can read it later when you feel like. Thank you brother/sister.)

When too much caffeine is consumed, many side effects of coffee comes into play. And beleive me all these adverse effects are quite dangerous to your health. Khatarnaak bohot khatarnaak.

Anxiety and Nervousness

Coffee is known to increase the alertness, but you know excessive intake of caffeiene can lead to anxiety and nervousness. And I’m sure nearly everyone of you went through quite a good deal of anxiety attacks. Anxiety and nervousness also leads to restlessness and the trio affects your work performance and mental health. You can neither focus on the tasks in hand nor want to finish them because you body is getting too much active for you to sit and work. You have to cut down on your caffeine intake and practice meditation to escape these effects.


The powerful effects of caffeine makes you to succumb to its reign not too long after you have started. In the initial stages, you’ll feel energetic and in highly alerted state and once things gets to normal level, you’ll increase the intake to achieve same level of energy. This way you’ll consume more caffeine than what is required to keep addiction at bay. There will be timeframe, when you will only feel a slight need for this psychoactive drug but you will choose to have it for its alerting nature. Coffee adiction is not like that of cocaine and other drugs but you cannot just knock it off once down at it.

But, it won’t be long when you just cannot leave your home without at least one shot of black coffee. The reason for this is that your body just won’t completely wake up until it gets the caffeine jump start. In other words, your body has dropped it weapons and knelt in front of caffiene to do the necessary boosting. It’s better if you haven’t started. Drinking coffe and making it your first preference just to ‘Show Off’ (showing off images with expensive coffee brands) and for taking Instagram images is a very cheap idea. Only people with no common sense will do such kind of baseless acts. Better post coffee quotes than actually drinking it. Let me laugh on this. LOL.

Rapid Heart Rate and High Blood Pressure

Drinking excessive coffee is also linked with high blood pressure and rapid heart rate. However, the rapid heart rate symptoms does not occur to every other person, it only depends on the caffeine tolerance of each individuals. On the other hand, there is no denying the fact that excessive caffeine leads to high blood pressure.

Studies performed on a group of healthy young individuals showed that caffeine, due to its stimulatory effects caused the blood pressure to rise. The tests also concluded that these effects were temporary but can be troublesome for someone who is already suffering from high blood pressure. So, if you do not want your blood pressure to increase and damage your arteries and veins, limit you caffeine consumption to under 100 mg per day.

grinded coffee thewisdomthought
Grind Coffee Beans

Digestive issues

Whoa, this is horrible, increase intake of coffee has shown to cause bowel movements. Whoa, so smelly. If your digestive system is weak, exessive caffeine can easily cause diarrheaa which is certainly not a good thing to experience. However, some people claim that morning coffee helps moving their bowels. This not exactly caused by caffeine, there are proof which shows the same effect from decaffeinated coffee.

Another important thing to note is large doses of caffeine can increase the risk of gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD) in some people. In this, the food and acid from your stomach tends to move back into the esophagus and burn its walls. Means you’ll have more such uncontrolled sour belching moments. I think this GERD is called heartburns.


Let’s take this way, you drink coffee to work late night, right? For ages, coffee is known to make your mind alert by making your brain feel less tired. If you are taking in a bulk of caffeine, you’ll disrupt your sleep cycle and will likely to get less restorative sleep. It is better to knock off the idea of late night work for working early in the morning.

Its past twelve and I’m writing this article but I haven’t abbused caffeine, I actually down half a liter milk which made me sleepy. And see I’m fine and writing to make sure you don’t play with your health. Insomnia, once attached to you, you’re half dead actually (you are f***ed). Its better to avoid it and sleep peacefully. That extra amount of money or promotion won’t get sleep but yeah it can get you better doctors and medicine at your disposal.


The greatess effect of caffeine is also the cause of its bitter dark side. Caffeinated beverages do boost the energy levels for few hours, but after the drug leaves your system, you will feel fatigue. And to avoid this you’ll need more caffeine. This effect is something like sugar crash which happens few hours after you have consumed large amount of sugary foods and drinks.

coffee caffeine the wisdomthought

Studies were conducted with young atheletic participants and were given caffeinated beverages before the exercise. It was noted that the participants’ mood and energy levels were elevated for several hours but later they were more tired than what they would be on a regular day. The caffeine withdrawal causes your body to feel like low on fuel. If you take in more caffeine to get your energy levels back, you’ll disrupt your sleep quality. The best way to feel energetic is to watch some motivational stuff and do some high intensity exercises.

Other problems of drinking Coffee

There are some other problems related to the consumption of caffeine such as – Muscle breakdown and frequent urination and urgency. On one side, muscle breakown is very rare and only affect those who have less tolerance to caffeine. Further, frequent urination is clearly depicted in various tests conducted by institutes on numerous volunteers. More than 300 mg of Caffeine per day does increase the number of bathroom visits even in the youngsters with healthy bladders. Middle-aged and older people tends to find it more difficult with overactive bladders.

Your tasty and aromatic Coffee is killing you

If you read all the above points, you’re now very well aware that consumption of coffee is really bad for your health. Consider this fact, if you occationally drink coffee for its flavour and aroma then it perfectly fine. But if you are into cappucinos and strong black coffee shots, you are in danger. How? because you’ll start feeling restlessness after some time, yes it will give you energetic feeling but that it not real, it’s a kind of illlusion created by the caffeine.

When you feel energetic, you want some things done, you might end up doing some and fail to do some. The problem is that, the undone work will make you anxious and nervous until its done. With the passage of time, your satisfaction level will move quite high and you won’t be able to achieve it on a regular basis. If you were able to feel content with, say a medium level gadget, now you need an expensive gadget to feel satisfied.

This is not about just gadgets or ‘things’ it will be everything, including behaviour of people around you. Now you’ll feel more irritated and depressed with the bad habits of you collegaues or friends or your own family members for that matter. Caffeine do more than just hormonal imbalance, it makes you restless, depressed, and anxious over time. You’ll not find PEACE, so its better to avoid regular strong coffee shots for the peace of mind.

Last words

At last, I would like to tell you guys to please put a limit your daily intake of coffee and other caffeinated drinks like soft drinks and energy drinks. This will only make you to succumb to the dire affects which follow. Do not rely on chemicals to make you energetic, alert, calm or happy. Abusing on chemicals like Caffeine, Nicotine, and Alcohol is just damaging your body. Achieve better state of mind with exercises and try to make yourself happy and content in every situation. Put some efforts into activities and exercises to achieve better health, focus, and energy.

If you want something to sip on, consider lemon-water, or fresh fruit juices as these drinks will only provide immense benefits with no side effects whatsoever. Green tea is also a good option as it contain least amount of caffeine which greatly affects you in both good and bad ways. Remember your health is your first wealth.

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