About Us

You might think, what The Wisdom Thought would mean? It mean what its literal meaning coveys, A thought which has the potential to change the way we perceive life. A thought can be wrong, yes thought comes from the mind of humans, it doesn’t always has to be correct. But it can pave the way for a better thought, a modified one you can say.

The Wisdom Thought is an attempt to bring important topics to the people who have the capability to change things for good. Yeah, you got that right, I’m talking about you, our young generation. There are many things you should know at different paths of life. The Wisdom Thought is just that effort so that you can understand this life and people better and make best out of it, for both you and your country.


Hi! I am Innominate Writer. I am just a regular writer, but it doesn’t mean I would just what regular writers write. I love to write some thing which is contradictory, because I want you to makes things out of it. Whether it is write or wrong, this can be your voice. I just write what my neurons ask me to write.

I dared to touch sensitive social problems of our country, I wxpect someone to take notice and work upon them to make this country a better place. I also want my fellow countrymen to have knowledge and awareness about our ecological problems. There are many categories where you can find relatable articles. One more thing, I love to write short stories too, you can some to make use of your quality time.

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